Two Hot Milfs Get Pounded By Pizza Delivery Boy

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11 min readJul 21, 2022

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Dylan had only been delivering pizza for a week. He needed to make some extra cash, to pay off some school loans. The store owner called over the loudspeaker.

“Dylan! Pick up! Two large pizzas to go”

Dylan looked at his watch. It was close to 6 pm, the start of the rush hour.

“Hey! You make delivery and get back here. Business picking up” said the owner in a very bad Italian accent.

Dylan pulled the two large pizzas off the counter, walked out to his truck, and slid the pizza over on the passenger seat. He flipped on the radio and rolled down both windows as he drove toward the address on the box.

Then he drove down the last street toward the delivery address and pulled in front of the large brick house. He saw two minivans in the driveway.

Dylan turned his baseball cap around on his short hair. He looked down at his athletic 6 ft 4 frame; made sure his zipper was up his dark blue jeans. His black t-shirt was straight. His name tag was straight on his left pocket.

He even checked his breath to make sure it did not smell. Then he quickly took out some breath mints from his back pocket and took two as he knocked on the door.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

A few seconds later the doorknob turned and the big door opened. He almost dropped the two big pizza boxes.

“Hi! Are those for me young man? Mmm…How much?” said this hot older BBW MILF in the doorway.

She was about mid-forties. Dylan’s eyes wandered up her bodacious body. She was wearing 4-inch black stiletto heels, which made her look 5ft 7.

She had dark curly blonde hair, down past her shoulders, and had super long fake fingernails on. They were painted dark red to match the lips on her face. She also was wearing a pair of animal print latex leggings, that fit tight on her large legs, and thick thighs.

Dylan’s mouth dropped farther open when he saw her top. She was wearing a black top, that encased two very large boobs. He could see both her erect nipples pushing on the thin material. The lady was also smoking a cigarette which she took another drag off of it.

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