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Digital Experience Platform at Naukri

As more and more businesses embrace digital transformation, it is becoming clear that this is neither a one-time effort nor a one-time milestone to achieve but a continuous journey.

Any company that intends to go beyond the bare digital presence needs to get into a continuous journey to understand user intent, to build & deliver new experiences, measure and analyze user responses to refine the features. In general, technology is a tool to achieve a business objective. But, with more consumer exposure, awareness, and technology-driven innovations, we are all seeing a phase where technology itself can become a motivator for any such changes. Supporting a new evolving set of diverse channels, managing custom yet consistent experience across various touch points is becoming basic hygiene. All of these capabilities are becoming table stakes for any digital transformation. Thus, Organizations are trying to abstract these capabilities as an application delivery platform, tuned for their use cases. At Naukri, we started with the same vision to build the “Naukri Digital Experience Platform”, which can help us be more data-driven and efficient in our application delivery cycles.

What is DXP — Digital Experience Platform

Gartner defines a digital experience platform (DXP) as “an integrated and cohesive piece of technology designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multiple customer journeys.”

At Naukri, we can sum up “Naukri Digital Experience Platform” as an integrated set of reusable capabilities that enable applications to:

“Deliver right experience to the right consumer at the right time & on the right channel.”

The Journey starts from understanding a consumer, picking up the right content and experience for her, and delivering on the right channel at the right time. Additionally, the Platform also needs to enable many control Systems like how to run measured experiments, collect and analyze data to iterate & improve such experiments. Overall, it allows us to:

  • Create and define these personalized experiences at a rapid pace and scale.
  • Identify and deliver on the appropriate channels.
  • Manage & synchronize user journeys across channels.
  • Instrument and collect data for all user interactions to understand intent.
  • Collate and map all data points to standard Domain Models to get deep insights.
  • Ease of integrations with new systems and technology (channels or predictive models) to drive innovation at scale.

If we zoom out, these are the common challenges for every digital application — be it any business or domain. At its core, almost all businesses are trying to differentiate from their competitors on how well they can understand user intent and deliver relevant products & experiences at an optimal cost and speed. They also need to ensure that they can quickly adapt innovations and improvise their customer journeys.

Experience Platforms come with generalized capabilities to instrument, collect, co-relate and observe all data signals — whether on platform or off-platform. It allows application owners to configure data points they need to understand the user intent & feature usage. Such configurable instrumentation and batch / real-time processing capabilities can speed up experiments, innovations, and customization in any application.

Naukri Digital Experience platform consists of the following key capabilities:

  • Data Ingestion — Ingest, enrich and co-relate data points from any channel, real-time or batch.
  • Single Source — Same data to support real-time decisions, batch computations, ML Models, feedback loop & reporting.
  • Custom Domain Models — Configurable mapping of data signals to Custom Domain Model
  • Batch Processing — Co-relation and insight generation using custom Algos
  • Real-time processing — for real-time Personalization and decision engine
  • Control system — Application delivery framework to enable rapid experimentation, Measurement and Analysis.
  • Content generation — Quickly Enable new data Applications/experiences at scale.
Data flow to deliver and Manage Experiences

PS: We can get to the detailed feature set for the Digital Experience Platform in our future blog.

While the top few capabilities are around data Management and fall in the purview of Data platform, but two key dimensions that differentiate it from the pure Data platform segment are:

  1. Control Systems for application delivery: It is the core of application lifecycle management. Here we have generalized some standard capabilities required to build and deliver new features and integrated them with the Experience platform. Some of these capabilities are:
    * AB test engine
    * Real-time Rule Engine for next page personalization
    * Multi-Channel integrations
    * Cross channel Campaign Manager
  2. Content generation: The content and insight generation part can use the data signals from platform and control systems to generate personalized experiences and insights for application users. Some of the capabilities here are:
    * Segment based Data insights from domain models
    * Personalized content creation and delivery across channels
    * Personalized conversations for user segments


At Naukri Engineering, we are always looking for common patterns around tracking, collection and processing of all data points around experience generation, serving & user interactions. In addition, we are constantly looking to generalize and reuse; this is where we came up with the concept of “Naukri Digital Experience Platform”. The platform comes with generalized capabilities that streamline the development processes and map all data points to standard data models. This framework enables us to pace up innovation and foster a culture for quick experiments. It also ensures a single data source for all use cases, including personalization, real-time decisions, and data products.



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