4 reasons why we went through a rebranding process (naum studio)

Vladimir Krajcovic
Jul 8, 2018 · 6 min read

It wasn’t an easy decision. But a very important one. Definitely in the long run.

Previously, we operated under the brand of Brainmedia. After three years of life, we finally created a new website. We launched it into the world and within less than a year, we went through a complete rebranding.

Do you think it is unnecessary work? At first glance, it may seem so, but it was a step that helped us move forward.

N as Narrow Focus

Our vision and values have changed. No, we don’t want to do everything. We want to focus on the things we’re good at. And that’s especially design. To focus on the details and do honest work. To move from concentrating on quantity to handling fewer projects with a greater budget, so that we can pay close attention to each one of them. We believe that details are what makes a real whole and gives the brand an enormous value and uniqueness. If a person focuses on a lot of things all at once, they can’t fully concentrate on every single project.

A as Authenticity

If you’re doing a business in a segment that is in harmony with your passion, you have to make sure that it is reflected in your brand. To both act and talk in accordance with your values (who you are, what your vision is, what drives you forward..). Branding is an external reflection of the company’s inside. It creates a feeling in the eyes of customers and surroundings. What you emit, you attract.

Humans are visually based beings, we are able to quickly assess what is valuable and what is not. You may be offering the best and most interesting food in the world, but if your business is in an old dilapidated building with neon signs and faded pictures of food in a dusty display window, people won’t consider coming in. It works the same for a brand. If the image doesn’t reflect the value you’re offering, people have 3 seconds to make an opinion. You’ll either catch their interest or they’ll ignore you.

Pay attention to authenticity. Create recognizable and unique elements in your brand. That way, you’ll increase credibility and reputation. Be yourself, people will see that. They will believe you and sympathize with you.

For us, it’s important to be represented in a unique visual style, to maintain the consistency of our brand, to talk about topics we understand, to adhere to deadlines, as well as to bring value to brands. And above all, to be honest with our clients and bring them solutions they need.

U as Uniqueness

The name Brainmedia was established in 2012. As it is with every creative process, from the phase of “wow”, a person will quickly move to the state of “shit”. Especially when they realize how extremely uncreative the name was. As they say, a drowning man will catch at a straw. For the one who doesn’t have a beautiful and useful surname, that would serve as a majestic name for an agency, it’s enough to just add a suffix to the name — media, — digital, — io… and the name is done. Or maybe not.

If an agency tries to look like a creative one, why do they use the least creative name?

Mmmm, naum. Simple. Short. Easy to remember. We were struggling for long with brainstorming on how to come up with a brand that would come to everybody’s mind when they need design or a new brand… of course, naum.

And why Naum? Diversity in 4 letters. Somebody will think of Naum Gabo who was a significant Russian artist and sculptor. I personally see a mental creative process in it that is taking place in our heads. How many times have you seen a great print or idea and asked yourself why you couldn’t think of it? (the wordplay “naum”, as I described above, works just in Slovak language, sorry foreigners)

Let everybody interpret the name in their own way, but it will always be connected with a creative and design mark deeply entrenched in it.

M as Minimalism

Some of you might have noticed that there are no photos or pictures on our website. They are decently hidden. The dominant of the whole brand is typography. We tried to avoid the visual smog attacking you on every design portfolio.

We solve complex challenges with simple solutions. The motto that reflects our work style. Visually clean and attractive. Two basic pillars of our design. However, design is especially a thing of discipline. It begins with us looking at a problem and collecting all the available information about it. If you understand the problem, you have a solution. It’s rather about logic than fantasy, fortunately, that’s no problem for us either 😉

We understood that in today’s hectic world, people daily process a vast amount of information (up to 8 x more information than in 1986). During our free time, we daily process 100 000 words. If we’re watching TV for 5 hours every day, we process more than 20 GB of audiovisual image.

So why create more complicated designs, non-intuitive applications and brands that people don’t remember? Let’s make it easier.

Give people something extra.

Yes, there are four reasons in the title and now I’m writing the fifth. Why? Because it’s important to always give more than is expected. To a client, reader, girlfriend, dog… Do something that is not expected. If the client has a clear vision, don’t settle for it, rather bring your own ideas and improvements. Pay attention to small details and it will return to you. The client will become a partner, a friend, because they will realize you not only invest your time, but also a part of you. We are all people built of flesh and bone. Let’s respect each other.

Besides these private bonuses, we decided to invest half of our time to own projects for the general public. But let’s talk about it another time… 🙂

Be honest. Be kind. Work hard.

— — —

Next, we’ll take a look at the UI/UX design problematics. If you’re interested in the next article — like our page on Facebook to stay updated about all news!

Naum studio deals with visual communication and design of brands, identities, institutions, publications, but also UI/UX design of online projects and smartphone applications. Through analysis, strategy and design, we create strong brands aiming for a greater market value. We put emphasis on personal approach with our customers and progressive, distinctive design. We’re trying to look for a meaning in every single project and reflect its value without the use of words.


Naum studio

Naum is a multi-disciplinary design and development studio…

Naum studio

Naum is a multi-disciplinary design and development studio based in Slovakia. We solve complex challenges with simple solutions.

Vladimir Krajcovic

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Graphic designer. Minimalism lover. Founder of Naum studio. Father of Calmind.com and TeeVeeApp.com

Naum studio

Naum is a multi-disciplinary design and development studio based in Slovakia. We solve complex challenges with simple solutions.