Why our portfolio CEOs meet our LPs

Sam Ahmed
Sam Ahmed
Jul 4 · 3 min read

Entrepreneurs often meet existing portfolio CEOs when a VC firm invests in them, but what happens when they meet the fund’s Limited Partners?

It is a fairly common practice for founders to connect with existing portfolio companies when they are talking to a potential investor. But when it comes to Limited Partners (LPs), many entrepreneurs rarely get the opportunity to interact with the backers of most funds for two whole days.

At the core of our investor and founder relations activity, once a year we bring our community together; our founders, our LPs and our team, under one roof (and the occasional double-decker bus!)

Now on its 5th year, this year’s Investors’ Day took place in London over two days in May. From portfolio presentations to networking dinners and external keynote speakers, the invite-only event is undoubtedly the most important date in our firm’s calendar each year.

While in the past the event has been exclusively communicated within our immediate network, this year we thought it would be valuable to share the rationale behind the event.

A Three-Way Dialogue

Nauta’s Investors’ Day is centred around the ethos of facilitating a dialogue between these very important groups. But more importantly, it’s designed to create a transparent forum for feedback, discussion, and some hard questions.

This year, 12 Nauta portfolio CEOs took the stage to present their companies in front of our Limited Partners, other CEOs and our team.

Having backed more than 50+ companies across our funds, every year we invite all the new companies that joined our family since the previous year’s event, in addition to a couple of later stage companies from our previous funds.

While we do regular investor updates relating to new investments, portfolio progress and fund metrics, we have learnt over the years that there is nothing like hearing the problem, solution and milestones directly from the founders we back!

All the action from our Investors’ Day in May 2019.

“Not just another number on a spreadsheet”

For our LPs, it’s a chance to witness the fantastic founder attributes that can’t possibly be conveyed in a spreadsheet.

The gathering is an opportunity for them to experience the passion, domain expertise and conviction that we have been able to back with their contribution, but it’s also a chance for our LPs to ask those burning questions about the market, technology and metrics of the company.

On the other hand, for our portfolio founders, it means they’re able to interact with our LPs — consisting of institutions, endowments, family offices, funds of funds amongst others — to truly gain an insight into how LPs see their industries.

Indeed, we believe it’s important that founders get to know us as we start our partnership, and this includes getting to know our LPs.

Community, Conversations & Collaborations

Lastly, and perhaps my favourite, the 3-Cs that organically take place during the Investors’ Day.

While technically not a founder-only event, the event provides all new CEOs with the chance to mingle and hear from other CEOs across all our funds and geographies.

Each year, the entrepreneurs not only share successes and challenges with each other but also discuss ways they can collaborate and discover synergies between their companies.

Ultimately, the event is designed to inspire a greater understanding between entrepreneurs and LPs, because we believe this will lead to an even stronger ecosystem.

As always, we are grateful to our amazing founders and LPs who joined us for the two days and hope they enjoyed the gathering as much we did (photo evidence below!).

The full Nauta team: Being based in three different countries, we try our best to pose for photos whenever we are all together :)

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Sam Ahmed

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Capital-Efficient Foundation for Global Disruptors: Nauta backs entrepreneurs that share our vision to create global disruptors, in large spaces, where technology has had limited impact.