Passing life on my phone

I’ve been using this awesome little app called Moment to track my phone use for the last 24 days. I knew I spent too much time on my device, but it’s worse than I thought.

I spend almost 5 hours on my phone a day! I average picking up phone once every 16 minutes!

I don’t work off my phone. I don’t make a lot of calls and I don’t text often. I had already removed email from my phone and turned off most notifications.

So, what am I doing?

Scanning twitter, reading or writing on Medium, and playing games.

All to the tune of 34 hours a week! It’s almost a full-time job! Insanity.

Below is the full report of my phone usage. Feel free to check it out and I encourage you to get the app yourself.

It highlights how prevalent my phone is in my life. To a degree that I’m not thrilled about.

Sometimes I’m using my phone in ways I could argue are positive. But it’s almost always without awareness. Passing moments without purpose or mindful that I am doing it.

It’s nice to zone out and play some games after a long day. But, there are better ways to use my time.

The other day, I had a good neighbor of mind point out that for the first time he saw me walking my dog without my phone.

He’s right. I am always doing something else on my phone instead of paying attention to my surroundings. I keep an eye on my dog, he’s always safe, but I’m not giving him my focus.

I don’t know that I can cold turkey quit pulling my phone out. I already thought I had done a lot by getting rid of email and notifications. But, I can do better.

Moment says the average user spends 3 hours and 42 minutes on their phone a day. I can do better. To be more aware of my phone use and to decide in moments throughout the day to use it less.

My phone use for the past 24 days. Yikes!
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