Show up today

Today’s writing is for an audience of one. A brief pep talk.

You’ve worked hard over the last decade. You’ve managed to balance creating a career with something you enjoy doing. If only most were so lucky.

You’re paid well, but deserve more. You’ve grown through long hours of invisible learning and a quiet determination.

You’re likeable, as far as you know. At the very least, people know you mean well. You might come off as a little passive aggressive because you are very introverted.

Speaking up isn’t exactly your thing, but you need to do it more. A lot more. Others are hoping you would. Your thoughts come through in forceful bursts. Be a more constant presence.

Stopping looking for others to define you. To define what you’re good at. Where you’re weak.

Stop waiting for seats at the table to open up. Start asking for it.

No one is looking out for you to succeed. Only what you can do for them now. And what you can do now would make them successful if you showed up more.

The work isn’t always the most enjoyable. You see a lot of room for improvements. So start doing them. Don’t wait for permission. When you do the right things, you don’t need to ask for forgiveness much.

You know what the right things are. Do them and let the consequences follow.

Show up today.