When you’re not in control

A little over four years ago I wrote about taking control of your life. Developing your best self, regardless of who was leading the country. I’ve kept it up here for you to read, though I am aware of how narrow my thoughts were then.

My thoughts at the time was that the President couldn’t change the course of your life that much. That, sure, some laws might change what insurance you could get. Or how much you may pay in taxes. But that you determined if you were a success. If you were going to live or die.

This was my world both because he was a sane President and because I the epitome of privilege.

I’ve become more aware of the world over the last four years. Tried to gain a better understanding of life that isn’t mine. I still do not completely grasp my privilege, though I understand it exists in a million ways.

My empathy for others has deepened over the years. Empathy is a necessary skill these days. A lot of people are hurting in ways I cannot understand and will never experience.

I can understand they’re hurting. And know this new administration is a very real and lasting impact on millions of lives.

I recognize that life is changing, too fast, for a lot of people right now. That hope is being extinguished.

I still think in many ways we have control over our lives. Especially those who are hurting less. But, the people carve the course of history, not by those in power.

We can maintain optimism and hope for them. We can develop purpose. We can take action. We can choose to not give up and not lay down. We can choose to be a helper.