FAQ: How to buy Nauticus Coins

Thanks to our very active Telegram community we’ve noticed a few of the same questions are coming up over and over, so we thought we’d put up an FAQ to help out.

We hope that here you find all the information you need about the referral program, Bounty Campaign, scams, dashboard and our contact information.

There is just one thing that we want to stress here as well — please be careful. Scam artists have been trying to impersonate us and we’ve had reports of them contacting backers via Telegram. Remember: We will never private message you, unless you’ve specifically requested it in a public forum. We’ll never ask for extra money. We’ll never ask you for top ups to process your orders faster.

We hope this list is useful and please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!


Am I eligible for the limited time launch delay additional 5% bonus?

All users who registered with Nauticus before March 18 and bought coins before midnight on March 25 will receive a 5 percent bonus. We will manually add this to each account this week (starting March 26).

Is everyone eligible to recieve a bonus?

Those who participate in the presale from March 18 to March 31 2018 at 23:59 AEST will receive a 30% bonus. During the ICO period you can still get bonuses, but they reduce in generosity each week:

From 31/3 to 7/4 receive 20% tokens bonus

From 8/4 to 14/4 receive 15% tokens bonus

From 15/4 to 21/4 receive 10% tokens bonus

From 22/4 to 18/5 receive 5% tokens bonus

During the entire sale period, purchases over 1 BTC receive extra 2% bonus, all purchases over 2.5 BTC receive extra 5% bonus


What happened to the referral program?

You can get a link until the end of the ICO. Each person who registers before the end of the ICO will be given a referral link. Anyone who clicks on the link and buys a minimum of 500 coins will be rewarded with 100 extra free coins and so will the referee. The more people you refer, the more free coins you will receive. There is no limit to the number of free tokens users can receive for every additional referral. But please, make sure you read this carefully, anyone who clicks on the link and BUYS at least 500 coins will be rewarded with 100 coins and so will the referee. If there is no purchase there are no free coins.

Why can’t I trade my referral tokens right away?

As per page 37 of our white paper, free, gifted and referral tokens are restricted to our platform for a period of two years after the ICO. After this period, they can be freely exchanged for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. During the first two years the free coins are 100% usable against any fees and services. They can be redeemed. In other words, Nauticus buys them back from you. This protects the market and value of NTS. Our own team coins are restricted use as well.

Do you have a bounty rewards program?

Yes and you can participate by sharing our content or creating relevant media posts about Nauticus; you can translate or help us moderate threads. So far the bounty rewards aren’t restricted, you’ll be able to use them from day one. Bounty program tokens are free to use without restriction, however tokens will still be burned according to purchased ratio as per white paper token metrics

Read more about the bounty campaign here or check out our post about it in this blog.

I signed up to the Bounty Campaign but I don’t know if what I’m doing is correct?

If you find the spreadsheet and weekly forms confusing, don’t hesitate to send a personal message to @CryptoBountyManager on Telegram. And if anyone is interested in earning NTS in exchange for helping to support the Nauticus project, click here.


Are there people trying to impersonate Nauticus admins to scam us?

Sadly, yes, there are a bunch of people out there trying to impersonate us. This is what you need to know. First: we will never contact you privately on Telegram. NEVER. If you ask us to do it in the group chat it’s different, but otherwise, no one will initiate contact and send you a private message on behalf of Nauticus. Second: only team members have an admin tag next to their names. Make sure that the people you are chatting with have this tag. If they don’t have it, then they are not part of Nauticus.

Third: ALL DEPOSITS are made on our dashboard www.nauticus.io/signin. We will never ask you to send money to a random wallet address due to traffic or problems on the website. DON’T fall for this one. Every announcement goes through our official channels — our website, this Telegram Group, and Medium.

Fourth: Please beware of phishing emails, always reply directly to a @nauticus.io domain only. We will never ask for your personal information other than email and tx hash for deposit problems YOU initiate with us

It is not unusual for an ICO that has just been launched to be targeted by scam artists. Please be aware. Always contact us if you have any questions. If you have a funny feeling there is something fishy, stop and try again.

How do you know Nauticus has contacted you via email and it’s not a scammer?

Great question! These are our official email addresses and we will only contact you via email if you’ve solicited this before. Our official emails are:

💌For Promotions, Marketing and Media: media@nauticus.io

💌For Private Sale and Newsletter: ico@nauticus.io

💌For Support and Tech Issues: support@nauticus.io

What are your official social media accounts?

You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Medium. There are many people trying to impersonate us and scam you. These are our official channels:

- Facebook: @nauticusblockchain

- Twitter: @nauticusen

- Instagram: @nauticusblockchain

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nauticusofficial/

Can I buy tokens on a different website?
 No!!! If someone sent you a link to a different website, run — it’s a scam. All our purchases are made via our dashboard. To purchase go to: https://www.nauticus.io/signin

Are you sending private messages or emails offering extra bonuses?

No! This is another scam. Payments are only accepted through our dashboard at www.nauticus.io/signin.

Can I pay via Telegram?

No. Nauticus will never ask you to pay over Telegram. All payments should be made at www.nauticus.io/signin.

Will Nauticus’s admin team contact me to top up my purchase or to verify data to approve my transactions faster?
You’re probably sensing a pattern: No! Never! And we can’t stress this enough: we will NEVER contact you to ask you to top up your purchase so that it can be approved quicker. If someone contacts you asking for this, then cease communications straight away because it’s a scam.


When will the Nauticus Exchange be ready?

The Nauticus high-speed crypto-to-fiat exchange will open in mid-2018. It will feature our house token, the NTS, which offers 50% off all trading fees. The NTS also underpins our ecosystem of five additional service lines. Nauticus is a multiplatform exchange connecting people and businesses all over the world. At its debut you will be able to trade up to 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, ZAR, AUD, HKD and JPY). We hope to release a beta test of the exchange in the next month.

How do I access your dashboard?
 Just click here: Nauticus.io/signin

Where are my coins and how do I know how many I have?

If you login and go to your dashboard you’ll find all the information that you need. The number of coins (free or purchased) displays there. Our ICO dashboard system is designed to ensure accuracy and protect our customers. After you submit your TX hash, our system will automatically match and verify your deposits. However, as an additional layer of security a team member will also manually match the transactions for approval.

This process will take 24–48 hours for cryptocurrencies.

Paypal deposits are verified and approved immediately

If you have problems accessing your dashboard contact our support team at support@nauticus.io

How do I get KYC verified?

You need to provide a photo ID and proof of other personal details (i.e. full name, date of birth, current address). Soon a KYC section will be released into the user dashboard and that will give you plenty of time to upload documents prior to the Nauticus Exchange launch.

While anyone can participate in the ICO, in order to actually transact in the system and make withdrawals, you must be eligible under the terms of KYC standard under Australian law. Sanctioned countries will be prohibited. For reference and more information on the topic and a list of sanctioned countries visit: http://dfat.gov.au/international-relations/security/sanctions/Pages/about-sanctions.aspx#types

What do you mean there is a list of sanctioned countries?

Nauticus does not have a list of sanctioned countries. Everyone is welcomed to participate in the ICO — accounts and purchases can be made without KYC. Users will require KYC to transact in the Nauticus Exchange and because we are an Australian exchange approved by regulator AUSTRAC we are fully supported of the AML/CTF requirements and need to abide to all Australian laws.

Do you accept fiat currency?

Of course. You can support the ICO with any currency or card using PayPal or purchase with ETH, BTC or BCH. At launch the Nauticus Exchange will allow you to transact in six fiat but our long-term goal is to allow 16 fiat currencies. We plan to include all the major fiat, including US, Australian and Hong Kong dollars, Euro and Japanese Yen and South African Rand. And, with our payment service, users will be able to pay to their designated third party bank account as long as they have been KYC’d. This means you can wire money anywhere, instantly.

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