The Nauticus Exchange ICO is now live!

· Loyal Nauticus users eligible for an additional 5 percent bonus for one week only.

· Anyone who signed up prior to March 18 can access up to 40 percent bonus coins.

· Registered as an independent remittance dealer with the Australian Government regulator AUSTRAC.

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DELAYING the launch of the Nauticus ICO by 36 hours is one of the toughest decisions Nauticus co-founders Jonathan Chang and Bryan Ng have ever had to make.

But user security always has to be the highest priority for any crypto exchange — because, as we’ve seen over the years, once trust is gone it is virtually impossible to get it back.

A comprehensive security audit by Chief Security Officer Barry Cheng on Saturday examined reports of scammers attempting to use the Nauticus brand name, and looked in detail at the cutting edge methods and exploits that have been used in recent sophisticated attacks on other exchanges.

The difficult decision was made to briefly hold off on the launch to allow our developers to implement a number of additional layers of security and to conduct further testing to thwart the remote possibility of a successful attack. They also resolved to launch the dashboard at a random, unannounced time to frustrate social media scammers trying to capitalize on the launch.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause,” said CEO Bryan Ng. “But we will never be sorry about prioritizing the safety and security of users ahead of any other concern. Our systems were already highly secure, but we were determined to put them beyond any shadow of a doubt.”

He reminded users to double check the address is correct before signing in to the dashboard and to only communicate through our official Telegram channel (

To thank our 117,000 community for its patience during the security upgrade, anyone who registered on the site before March 18 is eligible for an additional bonus of 5 percent in the first week. That’s over and above any existing offer.

This means registered Nauticus users can get a bonus of up to 40 percent additional Nauticus Coins until March 25.

It’s a great week to buy, as each Nauticus Coin is priced at 0.00001 Bitcoin. ICO backers can also take advantage of the recent drop in the BTC price (currently around $8000 USD) to get even more coins. Nauticus is raising funds to launch an international standard exchange with 100 crypto and six fiat currencies, along with a green blockchain mine to provide vital server capacity and additional revenue.

The Australian Government’s AUSTRAC this week registered Nauticus an independent remittance dealer.

The Nauticus Coin is modelled on the popular Binance Coin (BNB), and offers a similar 50 percent reduction in trading fees, which has seen BNB skyrocket in popularity.

The Nauticus vision and the strength of its team have seen the ICO attract glowing reviews, including 4.5 stars from ICO Bench, 4.45 stars from ICO Marks, 4.15 stars from Trudex, and a Gold rating on Top ICO List.

External auditor Ambisafe audited the security and function of the Nauticus smart contract and the code has been posted on Github. Nauticus has received backing and support from large-scale international investment funds and crypto specialists Fundify (US fund), BellAcre (Cyprus fund) and Whisper (Romanian and Cyprus fund).

The company has been highlighted in articles on CoinTelegraph, The Merkle, Coinspeaker, and Blockonomi, among dozens of other crypto news sites.

The Nauticus community is growing in strength, with 118,000 registered users; more than 27,000 Facebook likes; 8200 Twitter followers, and 5200 highly engaged users on Telegram.

Nauticus is working alongside more than 20 of the world’s top blockchain, IT and finance experts as advisors. They include former global managing director of Accenture’s Ecosystem of the Future David Hayat, former Vice President of Nomura Securities Kin Wong, founder of Scandinavian Capital Markets Arif Alexander Ahmad, Director of Remigio Bongulielmi, and the founder of ABA Technology Patrick Roberts (ex-IP Australia) to name a few.

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The Nauticus ICO presale is now live and the ICO itself runs from April 2 to May 18, 2018.

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