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A Guide to Marketing NavCoin — Done In 15mins A Day

The following text is extracted from a Reddit post whose author is anonymous. We felt urged to spread it — it accurately describes our approach to marketing!

Ok. So over the last year or so, I’ve seen some proposals to run marketing campaigns for NavCoin. These are cool and all, but they’re ultimately going to be drops in the ocean.

Marketing has changed. Running ‘marketing campaigns’ is an old school mentality.

So here’s my approach at giving you all a guide on how we should be marketing NavCoin. And spoiler alert: it involves each and every one of you.

One note first:

NO ONE SHOULD BE PAYING FOR MARKETING. If people ask for funds from the community fund — be very sceptical. They’re going to promise the world, but not give much value back. And most of the paid advertising options in crypto are scams.

We’re in a new world where most of the traditional digital marketing channels won’t work well (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc).

In this stage of the market — people will only search for us if they know us, but no one knows us. Most people don’t know NavCoin (yet…). So we have to find where the conversations are happening online, and be a part of them. We’re not going to take over the world through sticker campaigns.

So what should we be doing? The new way of marketing is through building audiences. We don’t have the option to build a new Facebook/Discord/Google (good luck with that…). And we shouldn’t be trying to pay Facebook/Google/Reddit to get in front of crypto users faces — that’s not scalable. So what do we need to do? We need to build it organically. We need to build audiences.

What I’m going to talk you through is an approach for members of our community to build audiences now, so that when the next wave comes, we’ll be in a good place to capture attention that comes from those all-time highs…

But I don’t have access to the NavCoin social accounts! How can I build an audience?

For this to work — it needs to NOT come from the NavCoin account. The NavCoin account should be dedicated to just focusing on publishing updates/news/alerts for the network. It’s not going to grow us a massive audience organically.

But why should I put this effort for NavCoin?

You’re not doing this for NavCoin. You’re doing it for yourself. NavCoin will benefit as a side effect. By building an audience, you give yourself leverage. You create a brand for yourself. You unlock opportunities in the future that aren’t to do with NavCoin.

The good news: It’s easier than ever to build an audience. You don’t even need to be an amazing writer. You just need to be smart, not be spammy, share interesting perspectives, don’t sell out, and post on a regular basis.

Who are you to say what will work or not?

I’ve been involved in a few crypto’s for the last 5 years, and I genuinely want to see NavCoin succeed. NavCoin has one of the most solid foundations — a very smart, and very dedicated team that believe in privacy, and believe in NavCoin.

So… Here’s What To Do

The basic premise for building an audience is fairly simple. We need to find where our target users are and share interesting content to grow our user base. But the most important thing is to not come across as a shill! If all you do is gush about how amazing NavCoin is — no one is going to follow you.

Look — I love NavCoin. A lot. But it’s got a long way to go, and pretending it’s amazing is just fake. It’s got huge potential — definitely. That’s why we’re all invested. But we have to build that vision first.

Now lots of people have crypto accounts on Twitter, etc — so how do we grow our audiences? Let me give you a step by step formula for what you need to be doing…

First — Where Should I Be Signed Up?

In my opinion — these are the top channels for crypto:

Reddit is meh, but give it a shot if you’ve got time. It’s good for communities, but all the ‘general crypto’ subreddits are moderated to hell. You can be sure they’re controlling which coins get shilled, and keeping the competitors out.

Facebook Groups and Discord allow you to post content. But Twitter allows you to build a following. So this is where we’ll start…

What Should I Post?

Our aim is to add value. There’s a lot of noise out there, so if you can create an account that shares the most interesting/informative crypto tweets/articles, you’ll be a step ahead of everyone else.

The aim is to post about the following things:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. the ‘Blockchain of the moment’ to tap into the big conversations happening in crypto.
  4. Web3
  5. The future of payments
  6. Interesting blockchain projects/technology
  7. Crypto influencers. Talk about those that are genuinely smart, and adding value to the community. By tagging them in a positive way, you make it so that they can see you, and more likely they’ll like/reshare your post.
  8. Memes. Add humour, this industry is dry enough…
  9. Technical analysis.

And then….and only then, can you post about NavCoin. I’d say as a maximum NavCoin could be about 5% of your content.

Be smart about posting about NavCoin:

Everything You Need To Do — Step By Step

  1. Create your account. Don’t call yourself “NaVcOiN_ L0v3r”. That instantly makes what you post less trustful.
  2. Every day — follow the top crypto accounts, reply to a tweet or two with valuable comments, and share interesting articles/opinions on your account. You could do this in 15mins.
  3. Every week/2 weeks — write a longer post/guide on something. Write a tweetstorm about ‘the best crypto wallet everyone should be using’.

Most people don’t know about NavCoin, which means they won’t be interested in 80% of our content. So mostly write about the coins with huge followings. Become influential, even if it’s only to 20 people. Add value by making things simple to understand.

And mention NavCoin in non-shilly ways about 5–10% of the time. Don’t PUSH. If you push, people put their defences up. You must PULL. Make people curious about NavCoin. Only share the top content from NavCoin — not every little update. Only big news. Hell — don’t talk about NavCoin for the first few months.

Bonus step for overachievers: Build your local community. Give NavCoin to your friends. Not just 1NAV though. It’s an investment, you’re paying to get them interested. You’re paying to give them skin in the game. Get them to help you write content. Get them to help grow your audience.

THAT’S IT. Don’t overthink this. Don’t plan out things bigger than you can chew. Just 10 mins a day, for the next 3 months will do more for NavCoin than anything we’ve done in the past. You won’t go viral overnight. It will start slow, but speed up over time.

How NavCoin Becomes Useful

There are 3 core things to making sure the NavCoin ecosystem thrives in the future. It’s by having:

  1. A robust developer ecosystem. By making it technologically exciting to get involved. We need our infrastructure strong, and we need technical builders to do it.
  2. Productswe need products built off NavCoin. Think about industries where payments take place, how can you combine NavCoin and other blockchains together to create amazing user experiences. What do you hate about money/payments in the real world/digital world. Think about them, share your vision, get feedback, find people that like the idea, and build it. Not a developer? There are so many ‘no code’ tools now that allow you to build pretty much anything, without needing to know code at all.
  3. Audiences. ‘NavCoin’ doesn’t need marketing. You all need marketing.

Databases didn’t need “marketing”. They didn’t need an SEO plan or Facebook ads. What databases had is influencers that talked about the tech’s benefits organically, and products that made it easier & easier to use.

You are the influencers for NavCoin — so go out there and influence. This is how decentralised projects work. There is no ‘team’ that you can blame. If you own NavCoin — you are the team.

To do this, you need to talk about things everyone cares about. And at this point, most people don’t care about NavCoin (as it is for most cryptos…. it’s a very competitive space, and people only have so much time). Not until we tell stories that make it interesting.


We’re at the beginning of the next hockey stick period of growth. The world is uncertain, and looking for alternatives. People are starting to get excited about crypto/blockchain again. SO NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. Build that audience. So that when the users start flooding in, we’re ready & waiting for them.

This is what I’ll be doing. I’ll see you all out there.




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