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A strong end to Q1 setting up for an explosive Q2


Another month, another milestone achieved for our project! March has been an exciting couple of weeks so we thought it’s best to lay everything out.

The team is growing and we’re looking to expand even further

First and foremost, it’s a pleasure to see the community flourish. It seems like our reach is spreading which is partly due to the social mining success but most importantly to our new addition to the marketing department.

Enter Cryptonator1337. A crypto-native and privacy enthusiast with years of marketing experience under his belt, CR1337 is now a member of the core team. As it stands, he has initiated a long-term strategic campaign to boost our project’s visibility and user adoption. This article and this one offer an excellent primer on his approach towards Navcoin’s philosophy and persona development. The marketing campaign will continue with more content pieces, community events and outreach. We all know that our fundamentals speak for themselves and it’s down to a question of visibility until the wider public catches on.

Speaking of new additions, we’ve onboarded two new developers to support and speed up the programming: tsejerome and isgulkov. Both skilled and motivated, tsejerome is currently assisting our senior dev on Whisper Wallet related tasks while isgulkov has started this week supporting the further development of Navcoin Core, mainly on the migration to the new codebase and with C++ development.

On the internal side, the team is busy building task flow infrastructure by setting up protocols and streamlining the workload. We believe in the importance of building a strong foundation on which the project can grow. And we’re not done expanding yet. Navcoin is still actively looking to fill open positions for a technical writer, tester, community manager and C++ developer.

Our tech has never looked this good

Getting down to the nitty-gritty: development updates. A new Next Wallet update has been released, courtesy of sakdeniz. The wallet now supports private NFTs, private tokens and the dotNAV on chain naming service. Here’s an in-depth look at the update and stay tuned for the mainnet activation of these features by consensus vote.

Spearheaded by aguycalled, Whisper Wallet has made significant progress these past weeks as well. With a planned release for April, users will be able to collect mixing and staking rewards by simply holding their coins in the wallet and enjoy separate directories for their private NFTs and tokens. A more detailed roadmap can be found here.

A big project we have started on this month has been the rebase to the latest bitcoin codebase. Since our goal has always worked towards complete privacy, our aim is to operate as a fully private blockchain. In order to achieve this, we will need to remove the use of the public NAV coins and introduce a new private Proof of Stake algorithm which allows the staking of xNAV. This will be done by bootstrapping a new blockchain by creating a fork of Bitcoin Core 0.23 and building the new blockchain on top of it, as well as enabling the new PoS protocol. Trust us, this is a huge step for Navcoin.

And lastly, taking over from prodpeak, mxaddict is now in charge of migrating the Navcoin Block Explorer under core team ownership; and a new update to the bridge, developed by aguycalled, has been officially unveiled. This means faster transfers as well as direct withdrawals to a xNAV address.

As always, we want to end this by giving out a big shout-out to the Navigator community — let’s keep the momentum going in our Discord and Telegram channels.



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