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An Update To The Social Mining Rules Of

Hello Navigators,

Three months after the release of our social mining project,, we are releasing an updated set of rules.

First we want to give a big thank you to all our community members that have so far taken part in the programme with meaningful and thoughtful contributions. You guys are great.

The reason for introducing this platform in the first place was to give something back to those who have been supporting Navcoin and have been spreading its message to reach like-minded people. As a community we aim to foster genuine participation and engagement.

Unfortunately, as it stands, we’ve had some bad actors trying to game the system. We are not looking to distribute our funds to bots, spam accounts and for obvious low effort interactions. Instead we want to encourage valuable, constructive and well thought through communication on all platforms. This is why we have implemented an updated set of rules.

  1. Manual moderation
    We have introduced moderators who will routinely look through the comments, retweets and responses. Accounts solely created to gain points and spammers will get banned. No prior warning guaranteed. Besides social media, the moderators will also approve video and essay submissions.
  2. Twitter trust score calculation
    The trust score formula has been updated to take the follower count and age of the account into consideration. This means that wider reach equals a higher score. Points will also lose value should they be gathered in big chunks over a shorter time. Quality over quantity.
  3. Increased rewards
    We have significantly increased the value for video and article creation. Videos will be worth 200 points and articles 100. Please note that the same principle applies: we are looking for quality productions.
  4. Graphics
    A new section for graphics submissions has been introduced. This goes for memes, infographics or any other kind of fan art you want to share with us. Send us your most creative takes and educational content — the best ones will be rewarded and will be shared on Twitter and Reddit.

Our goal is to grow and improve as a project so we will see how these changes fare and continue changing our terms if necessary. Looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Discord or Telegram.



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