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Getting Ready For A Bright Future: Navcoin Is Hiring!

Hey Navigators,

2021 was unlike any other. It was a year packed with exciting changes within the Navcoin universe. We saw two major upgrades to our protocol; one that introduced xNAV as a novel privacy scheme, and another one that introduced a fee burning mechanism along with improvements to our DAO and the soon to be activated ability to mint Private Tokens and Private NFTs on the Navcoin network.

With only a few weeks into 2022, and while everyone is waiting for the dust to settle in the markets, we are positioning ourselves in ways that allow us to keep building the privacy preserving tools that our society needs, and at the pace that we need it, relative to the growing challenges that we are facing around the world, when it comes to our privacy.

We are committed more so than ever before to our mission of fighting for financial privacy, freedom and inclusion, and as such, we are happy to announce that we have secured funding to support the growth of our operational team.

Say hello to our newest team members

To manage the efforts of expanding our team, we are delighted to welcome two new team members, willoncio and hache, who will share their broad knowledge of the crypto industry as well as their 10-year long experience in planning, managing and executing on digital projects for large corporations worldwide. In addition, they will look to optimise our operatives, smoothen our internal processes and assist with recruiting new talent.

Alongside willoncio and hache, has also joined our team last week. She will use her experience as a social media manager in the art industry, as well as her enthusiasm for crypto as a catalyst for disruptive thinking, when it comes to managing our Twitter communication.

Join us in building a more free world

The search continues for new team members that are keen to help us on our mission. We look for individuals that share our values, and who have a strong understanding on why privacy and financial freedom are so important. The open roles are:

  • Establish marketing processes in collaboration with the community management and content creation teams
  • Be hands-on for key organizational marketing projects, including online marketing initiatives
  • Support content strategy and editorial plan activities
  • Improve and boost Navcoin’s brand awareness and its position in the market
  • Moderate & manage discussions on Discord and Telegram, organizing and streamlining relevant feedback and updates from the community
  • Handle permissions, channels, mods, and potentially bots
  • Work with the marketing team to coordinate and host community engagement events (Twitter Spaces, AMAs) becoming the voice of the project
  • Identify community needs and analyse market trends in order to identify opportunities for Navcoin as a brand
  • Maintain and promote a vibrant community culture
  • Write comprehensive and digestible articles, updates, announcements and educative content
  • Become the written personality of the project
  • Synthesize the progress of the different workstreams on bi-weekly/monthly updates
  • Must have strong writing skills, and at a native English level
  • Write technical documentation, tutorials, and troubleshooting articles
  • Should be familiar with Navcoin Core or Bitcoin Core codebases
  • Should have experience in writing documentation using Sphinx or another open source framework

If you feel excited about joining us, or if you know someone who might be a great fit for any of our open positions, please feel free to reach out to us on, or to share this article with your peers.

Wishing you a great end of the week,
Your Navcoin team



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