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June Updates

Good day Navigators!

How is everyone?

There is no easy way of saying this. We know the macro looks ugly, inflation is rising and your PNL is dropping twice as hard. This is a good time to take a step back and do some introspection. Luckily you have strong convictions and know that times like these show which projects actually have fundamentals and which ones do not. That is why you are still here reading this.

June has been another fruitful month on the builder front and has seen a lot of action for the Navcoin DAO. Here is the rundown.

The Team Is Growing

A new member has boarded the Navship.

Kaz is our next recruit who joined the developers team. He is a software architect with a cryptography background and has started working on the new Navcoin Core.

Furthermore, three more positions are currently open: Blockchain C++ Developer, React Native Developer and Technical Writer. The search continues to assemble the best possible team.

DAO Decisions

The Navcoin DAO has been busy. Two propositions are open for the community to decide upon: the first one being about the activation of private NFTs & confidential tokens on the mainnet and the second is a payment request for a market-making firm partnership.

As the “Private NFTs and Confidential Tokens” consultation has found enough support it has now moved into the voting stage. After four successful voting cycles, which last roughly four weeks, both features will be deployed on the mainnet.

The “GRS Market Making” Super Proposal has proven to have the most votes in Navcoin history. It passed with a 93% approval rate, leading to the initiation of another voting round for a payment request. Rest assured that we will keep updating you on these developments in the public channels as the results should be known in the coming weeks.

Let’s Talk Wallets

After extensive tinkering Whisper Wallet is now available in its final form and has been submitted for approval on both Apple and Google Store. Thanks to all the earnest contributions from everybody who tested the beta releases, we have crafted its best possible version. Once the respective app stores publish it and the DAO consultation mentioned above passes, you will be able to download and enjoy its full functionality on main.

A new version of the Navcoin Ledger App has been submitted to Ledger and a new NavCash release compatible with the new app has been made available. It is currently pending approval but we expect it to be made public by the app store very soon. In the meantime you can get all the NavCash versions here, including the new Ledger app, which can already be downloaded and tested.

Tech Specs

Things are progressing on the Web3 front as well. Priverse, the platform providing a private NFT marketplace as well as SDKs for blockchain developers and more, has been launched. Complementary a Google Chrome extension for the Navcoin Wallet has also been brought out to facilitate a frictionless experience on the website.

Since these are first-stage releases, we are hereby extending an open invitation to our readers to test them out and give us feedback. We are looking to hear about your impressions regarding the UI and UX or about any bugs you might encounter. Feel free to reach out to our dev sakdeniz for test funds or further guidance in the #development channel.

As the saying goes: alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

On the builder front the latest version of Navcoin Core has been released. It includes various bug fixes and is a recommended update for all users.

Looking Forward To…

Weekly open calls about the project’s development. This new feature is meant to let all the contributors join in and exchange ideas while any interested party can listen. This way it will be easier to gather what everyone is working on and where individual projects can align together. The exact schedule for these weekly calls will be published shortly so keep an eye out in our Discord.

If you have been involved in our channels you might have already seen that a restructuring of is on its way. The social mining program in its current form has been a great experiment and has taught us valuable lessons about community building. We are now applying those lessons to forge a better version of the platform in which the rewards for both us and the users will be more mutually beneficial. Until the new update has been made public, we want to remind you that contributions are halted and will not be rewarded.

On a closing note, here is a podcast episode featuring Aguycalledalex. Our lead dev has been featured on “Conversations with Kerry” talking about Navcoin, privacy fundamentals, work-life balance and more. In July he will be interviewed by Cryptonator1337 via a Discord AMA (Ask Me Anything) about everything surrounding the upcoming Whisper Wallet release. So if you feel like you want to find out more, this is the time for your most burning questions. More details to follow very soon.

Thank You!





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