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May Updates

Gm Navigators!

What an eventful month May has been for crypto. With projects imploding left and right we are proud to say we are not only still standing but continuously making strides.

First things first. Whisper Wallet.

As you might have seen we have dropped the beta version for iOS and android and asked willing community members to try it out and give us their thoughts. We are grateful for all the feedback everyone provided and aguycalled is currently implementing all the suggestions into the final form of the app. Any further bugs, issues with user experience, or general improvement ideas can be reported in our Discord under #whisper-dev, via email at or by creating an issue via github.

DAO Vote

Introduced in the latest Discovery update, private NFTs and confidential tokens are now ready to be activated on the Navcoin mainnet. The main takeaway is that implementing both features represents an important stepping stone for our ecosystem’s development and reach. Since the NFTs and tokens would be on our blockchain, they would benefit from the privacy instilled through the blsCT protocol. The transaction participants would be granted complete anonymity, as well as the transacted value. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from other crypto projects. And to top it all off, we are looking at facilitating swaps of any BEP20 token through our bridge — basically “privifying” other chains. Click here for a more detailed run-down.

The voting process has been opened to all eligible DAO members and we will report back once the community has reached a decision.

Web3 expansion

So now that we have private NFTs and tokens, it’s time to build some infrastructure and some applications. Sakdeniz is currently in the process of developing a marketplace for your favourite jpegs, and not just any marketplace but one where participants can enjoy full anonymity.

Plus shoutout to the game developers out there — we’ve got you covered. Game engine SDKs (Software Development Kits) are coming to Navcoin. They are being developed for engines such as “Unity” and “Unreal” with the main goal of allowing users to connect their wallet and use their confidential NFTs and tokens in the gaming environment. And lastly we are dipping our toes into creating an actual FPS (First Person Shooter) game on the Navcoin blockchain. Click here for more info on the full release and timeline.


We are currently in negotiations with a market making firm to improve our order books and ensure better liquidity. Doing this would improve our trading pair’s health by reducing slippage associated with low volume and contribute towards gaining market participants’ interest and trust. Additionally, an improved trading profile would make Navcoin more favourable when requesting exchange listings and it would also ease our opportunities for potential integrations.

And finally, we are once again reconsidering the social mining program, No new rules have been decided as of yet but we are trying to reorganise the point distribution to optimise engagement and discourage bad actors. An update is in the works and any input from our community members is welcomed.

As always, we encourage everyone to continue this discussion in our Discord or Telegram and stick around for what’s to come. We won’t say much but a podcast episode with our senior developer may or may not be on its way. Stay tuned!



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