NavCoin Core 4.6.0 Release Candidate

Apr 24 · 5 min read

NavCoin Core 4.6.0 Release Candidate

The newest version of NavCoin Core (v4.6.0) is nearly ready to go. All the features which will be included in v4.6.0 have been merged to the master branch. There is one outstanding bug fix that the core developers are looking to include in v4.6.0 alongside anything that is discovered while testing the release candidate. If you want to build and test the release candidate, you can do so from Pull Request #444.

NavCoin Core Bootstrap Issue

The node which generates the blockchain bootstrap and pushes it to the cloud has encountered an issue which caused it to orphan a payment request and never rejoin the main blockchain. If you’ve used the bootstrap within the last few days it’s possible that your node has ended up on the same side-fork as the bootstrap server. Even if you haven’t bootstrapped lately it’s a good time to check on your node and make sure it is running correctly.

  • Open the debug window and use the ‘getbestblockhash’ command.
  • Copy the resulting block hash and search for it on NavExplorer.

Binance Spanish AMA

Last Friday Alex V joined Binance on their Spanish telegram channel for an AMA with their 5,000+ member community. Binance Spanish Community Admin Jorge (AKA ‘Binance Angel’) collated a series of questions about NavCoin from their community and asked them directly to Alex in an interview style. Then the AMA was opened up to the rest of the users on Telegram to ask follow up questions.

NavCoin Sponsoring University Hackathon

NavCoin Community Members are sponsoring a blockchain hackathon at the La Plata University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The hackathon is part of a two day blockchain event at the university. The event speakers are scheduled to talk on various topics including Ethereum, NEM, Polymath, Hyperledeger, Binance and more.

Korean & Japanese Translations are Live

The NavCoin website is now available in both Korean & Japanese. With these translations published, can be read in a total of 8 different languages. Each additional language increases the audience who can more easily learn about NavCoin.

NavCoin Community Roundtable

As a decentralised project, one of the difficulties can be coordinating the community’s efforts so we’re all pulling in a similar direction. Some community members thought a good way to resolve this is by hosting a regularly scheduled discussion forum where everyone can talk about what’s going on in the project and how we can work together. Salmonskinroll has been working to coordinate this forum as a monthly community roundtable event on discord.

Community Fund Projects Update

There is currently 97,600 NAV available in the community fund with 2 pending proposals and 3 pending payment requests actively being voted on.

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