NavCoin Core 4.6.0 Released

May 8 · 5 min read

NavCoin Core 4.6.0 Released

After a successful testing cycle of the Release Candidate, NavCoin Core 4.6.0 has been officially released. This new version of NavCoin Core adds many new features including a graphical interface for the Community Fund, mnemonic seed phrase support and a patch to fix the bug which caused the recent network issues.

New NavCoin Core Contributors

With the release of NavCoin Core 4.6.0 the number of contributors with commits merged to master has grown to 21. The work by the interns from Auckland University has finally been published cementing their place in NavCoin’s history. New addition to the NavCoin development community `mxaddict` has been capitalising on Alex’s dev bounty program and already has 9 commits merged to master with 8 more pending pull requests.

NavDroid Deb Package in Progress

After the alpha release of the NavDroid by Encrypt S, `mntyfrsh` has been working towards bundling the software into a deb package so it can be more easily installed on most Linux platforms including the Odroid.

Community Roundtable Write Up

The inaugural NavCoin Community Roundtable was held this week and the discussion went smoothly and was productive. There is a lot going on across the NavCoin community and it’s discussions like these which help to rally the community together.

Community Privacy Vote Continues

The community driven vote on how to implement privacy in NavCoin is well and truly underway. If you stake NAV, make sure you cast your vote on this important issue.

Alex V Interview on BitCultura

This week Alex V was interviewed by BitCultura — an Italian crypto community — and also participated in an AMA on their telegram channel. Both the interview and the AMA were were well received by the BitCultura community with some great questions being asked and as always some interesting answers from Alex. You can read the interview at the link below;

Bidali GiftCards Launched for Australia

We’ve previously reported on the new and rapidly growing platform GiftCards by Bidali which enables the purchase of gift cards with NAV for hundreds of top brands throughout the US and Europe. Bidali has just expanded their services to include Australia, so if you live down under you can start buying everything from groceries to electronics with your cryptocurrency.

Community Fund Projects Update

There is currently 86,900 NAV available in the community fund with 5 pending proposals and 6 pending payment requests actively being voted on.

Romanian NavPay Translation (900 NAV)

This proposal is to translate the NavPay wallet into Romanian.

NavCoin Next Mobile (40,000 NAV)

This proposal is to fund the building of NavCoin Next Mobile wallet.

+ More Existing Proposals

To check out the full list of pending proposals and payment requests, visit the community fund page of the block explorer.

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