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Navcoin Is Revamping Its Logo

Hi Navigators!

Today, we are excited to share with you all that we are revamping our logo, and thus you will soon see it updated on our social platforms and the third-party platforms on which we are represented. Before diving into the reasons that are driving this change, and how it came about, let’s first have a look at the new official logo of Navcoin:

Navcoin has come into its own under the previous logo, and we are immensely proud of the work that we have achieved during this time. It is safe to say that over the years we as a community have come to really identify with it as a symbol of what we can achieve when working together to secure the financial freedom that every individual is entitled to. Our new logo is an extension of this symbol, but with a more modern feel to it.

The conversation about changing our logo started in November last year, as our community began to discuss and present ideas about what should be the logo of xNAV, our new privacy coin that launched on mainnet last month. It quickly became clear that the community favoured an approach where the design of NAV and xNAV would be based on a shared idea. After many inputs from the community, and many iterations on a variety of logos, it all concluded with a non-binding consultation through our DAO to which all holders of Navcoin could participate and share their opinion, and a majority did so by accepting the logo as presented above as both the logo for the NAV currency and the Navcoin project as a whole.

Since then, logos for both xNAV and now also wNAV (a wrapped representation of NAV bringing it to the world of DeFi) has been finalized, and can be viewed below in the order of NAV, xNAV and wNAV going from left to right.

The logo for NAV is simply the letter N with a strikethrough enabling you to read the letters N, A and V. For xNAV, the strikethrough has been removed, causing a hole on both sides of the N to symbolise breaking the link between the sender and the receiver of a transaction. As for wNAV, we have approached it by adding an inner border to the logo that will hopefully seem familiar when comparing it to wrapped tokens of other projects.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for next week as wNAV comes to life!



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