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Navcoin’s Javascript SDK is Now Available!

Hello Navigators!

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that navcoin-js, our very own Javascript SDK, is now available on GitHub. As one of its main innovations, it features the world-first public implementation in Javascript of the Bulletproof cryptographic protocol over the BLS12–381 elliptic curve, which enables the creation and receival of xNAV private transactions.

The repository includes documentation about the different methods of the library to allow its implementation from developers.

Navcoin-js is a fully-featured library that enables you to interact with the Navcoin network, including both NAV and xNAV transactions. We believe that this library can enable a great many things for Navcoin with one of those being its use in the development of light wallets, thus making private payments with xNAV possible in devices such as mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

NEXT + Private Transactions and more!

Using navcoin-js, we have already started working on enabling private transactions in NEXT, our renowned light wallet available on both Android & Web. By making use of navcoin-js, NEXT will be able to privately send and receive value without requiring the use of the Navcoin Core wallet. It will thus save much time on synchronization and by doing so greatly improve the user experience.

Another benefit that comes from using navcoin-js, is the ability to import all types of Navcoin wallets into NEXT.

It doesn’t matter if the wallet is coming from Navcoin Core, NavCash or NavPay, they will all be compatible once NEXT integrates with navcoin-js, which is expected to happen in a forthcoming release due in the coming weeks.

NavCash - powerful and easy-to-use

In addition to the work we have done on NEXT, we have started to work on a new version of NavCash. In this version of NavCash, we will utilize navcoin-js to add support for mobile devices and private transactions using xNAV, similar to what we have done with NEXT.

But on top of this, NavCash will also be given a revamped and more modern user interface that we believe will make it easier to use than ever before!

A navcoin-js hackathon soon to be announced!

In the coming weeks, we will announce the details of a hackathon to which developers can participate and win prizes by creating a Navcoin wallet based on navcoin-js. We are very excited about this, and can’t wait to tell you more!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more announcements to be made in the coming days!



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