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Statement: Binance Delisting Navcoin

Yesterday, Binance announced that it will delist certain coins and tokens once again on August 11. While this happens on a regular basis, we were caught by surprise to read that NAV is also one of the coins soon to be delisted on their exchange. At this point, we can only speculate about the reason(s).

Navcoin’s Mission Continues: Secured Funding, Growing Team, Strong Vision

Whatever the reason for the surprising delisting is, we are not discouraged by such things and will continue our mission: To bring financial privacy solutions to the people! We believe in what we do, every single one of us.

Having secured private funding at the beginning of this year allows us to continue our mission, with freedom and independence from external decisions or how the price of NAV evolves.

This gives us the confidence to sit out little storms like this and focus on our work. Our developers won’t stop working, and we will not scatter due to outside influence. Together, as a community, we will power through all obstacles, and we are sure that we will come out of this stronger than ever.

That said, we are also growing our team further. Currently, we are looking for a Blockchain C++ Developer and a React Native Developer.

Decentralized Exchanges Are The Place To Go

Our aim is to increase our visibility on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Currently, you can trade NAV on two DEXs; namely, AtomicDEX and Pancakeswap. Guides on how to use them will be published shortly; follow us on Twitter to stay tuned.

DEX refers to a peer-to-peer marketplace with no central entity behind it that controls users’ funds. Besides having control over your funds, there are other advantages in using a DEX, such as more timely and very cost-effective transactions.

We can only recommend, not just for NAV but for any crypto-asset that you are trading, to trade exclusively on decentralized exchanges in which there is no third party custody of your funds and where you do not rely on central entities, which ultimately is the purpose of cryptocurrencies.




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