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The Navcoin Core 7.0 Discovery Upgrade Has Been Approved By the Network

Hello Navigators,

The network has spoken and all four protocol upgrade proposals from Navcoin Core 7.0 Discovery have reached a majority consensus to move to the “Locked In” state at block 5,806,080. You can find out more about each of the protocol upgrades here.

Following our network’s upgrade procedures, new rules are activated 20,160 blocks after being locked in, and thus the ones of Navcoin Core 7.0 will activate on block block 5,826,240. We expect this block to be mined around December 23rd at 5 pm (UTC).

We will ask exchanges to pause deposits and withdrawals of NAV from December 23rd at 2 pm (UTC). We will monitor the activation of the new consensus rules and notify exchanges to resume operations once the network has shown to be stable. This protocol upgrade does not result in the creation of a new token.

Upgrading to Navcoin Core 7.0 or above is now mandatory for every node, and must happen before the activation at block 5,806,080. Nodes that do not upgrade prior to that block will stop staking and risk forking off the majority chain.

Today we are also releasing Navcoin Core 7.0.1, which includes some stability fixes.

How to upgrade

Download the pre-built binaries for your operating system from our Github releases page and proceed as normal. No extra actions are required.

You can verify the integrity of the binaries by verifying the Gitian signatures available here against the public key 2782262BF6E7FADB ( or by checking the SHA256SUM of the distributed packages against the one we’ve published in our Github releases page.

If you wish to build from source, you can find the full details within our documentation site.

Do I need to set up anything different if I’m an exchange operator?

Please add the following options in your navcoin.conf file:



Are other tools affected by the protocol upgrade?

The soon to be activated protocol introduce changes to transaction serialisation. Our forks of electrumx and bitcore-lib already support the new rules.

If you use a different library, we recommend upgrading to those. If you simply operate with the navcoind daemon through the RPC interface, you can continue using the normal procedures.

An update on the NavCash upgrade

The next upgrade for the NavCash light wallet was scheduled for December 20th. Given the closeness to the end of the year holidays, we’ve decided to postpone to January 2022.

Stay tuned for a new launch date in the coming weeks.

Happy holidays!



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