The New Wrapped Navcoin Bridge For Ethereum Has Been Released! We Celebrate Its Launch With a $10,000 Airdrop And an Increase In Farming Rewards

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3 min readSep 12, 2021


Fellow Navigators!

We are very happy to announce that a revamped version of our Wrapped Navcoin Bridge is now available at The old version of the bridge will continue to be accesible from this link.

Along with an overall better performance and faster loading times, our new bridge adds support for the Ethereum network and management of the Liquidity Pool tokens.

Support for the Ethereum network

In addition to the initial support for the Binance Smart Chain wallet, we’ve added support for the Ethereum network. You can easily switch between BSC and Ethereum by changing the network your wallet is connected to.

We’ve chosen SushiSwap’s wNAV/ETH Liquidity Pool as the one integrated by default on the interface.

A new interface

Our new bridge offers a revamped interface with a clear overview of your wrapped tokens, liquidity and farming rewards.

The first card, labelled as Balances, shows your BNB/ETH, Wrapped Navcoin and LP Token balances. LP Tokens represent your participation in a farming-enabled Liquidity Pool. Those are received when liquidity is added to a pool, or withdrawn from the farm when you decide to stop farming. Compared with the old bridge, the new version offers the possibility to Add or Remove Liquidity directly from the bridge, without having to do it externally in PancakeSwap or SushiSwap.

The second card, Liquidity Pool, shows the amount of tokens you are currently farming. Adding or removing LP tokens to the farm can easily be conducted through the buttons on the card.

The third card, Rewards, shows numbers about the accrued rewards, the expected yield ratio and allows to withdraw the already earned coins to your wallet.

Deposit and Withdrawal can be accessed from the menu available at the top left corner.

It’s time to celebrate!

The launch of our new bridge deserves a great celebration, and so we have decided to increase the funds available as farming reward payouts with approximately 30% until the 1st of October. This means a higher APY for everyone contributing to the wNAV/BNB PancakeSwap’s Liquidity Pool.

$10,000 worth of Navcoin Airdrops!

In order to participate, you need to sign up using the Navcoin Telegram Airdrop bot.

By completing the different actions presented on the bot, or by referring users to the airdrop, you will be able to accumulate points. The more points you have, the more Navcoin you will receive!

The total reward of $10,000 will be distributed evenly based on each user’s number of points on the 1st of October.

What’s next

We are excited about the weeks to come with more news being unveiled from our Navcoin HQ. Starting next week, we will expand Wrapped Navcoin into three new networks:

  • Matic: Wednesday, 15th September
  • Solana: Saturday, 18th September
  • Avalanche: Wednesday, 22nd September

And soon after, we will present the details of our navcoin-js hackathon and our next mainnet protocol upgrade, which will happen in November, so stay tuned!



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