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The Release Plan for Navcoin Core 7.0, Discovery

Dear Navigators,

We’re delighted to share with all of you our release plan for Navcoin Core 7.0 - also known as Discovery.

This release includes major upgrades to our consensus protocol such as transaction fees being burned, super proposals and improvements to xNAV. In addition to those upgrades, this release also adds support for private tokens, private NFTs and the on-chain trading of those using atomic swaps with its first use-case being dotNAV. You can read more about Navcoin’s transition to becoming a high-utility privacy platform here.

Release plan and timeline

We’re releasing the final version of Discovery on November 24th, 2021, and we’ll be asking all node operators including exchanges to upgrade as soon as possible thereafter.

As per our network rules, the upgraded consensus changes won’t take effect until a majority of the nodes signal for its activation. Each node can decide for themselves if to vote for or against each of the proposed protocol upgrades.

We expect the new consensus rules to be locked-in on the second week of December at its earliest with the activation expected for the second half of December.

Once the new consensus rules activate, every node will need to upgrade to Navcoin Core 7.0 in order to stay synchronized with the network.

Support for private tokens and NFTs on mainnet will require a consensus change vote, which we aim to propose in Q1 2022.

Stay tuned for more details on how to upgrade to Navcoin Core 7.0, Discovery.



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