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Whisper Wallet User Guide

Shh.. Navigators!

We’re excited to finally share the beta release of our Whisper Wallet.

Whisper Wallet is the ultimate light and easy-to-use mobile wallet. Long in the making, it is designed to be a user-friendly experience for newcomers and crypto natives alike, bringing Navcoin’s huge feature set together in a seamless and powerful package.

Key features include: sending, receiving and staking coins, swapping NAV to XNAV, supporting private NFTs and private tokens and more.

In order to craft the best possible version of the app, we’re looking for critical feedback from our beta testers. Any bugs, issues with user experience, or general improvement suggestions can be reported in our Discord under #whisper-dev, via email at or by creating an issue via github.

Since this is the beta release, we encourage using the TESTNET instead of the mainnet. Reach out through our discord and we will send you coins to get you started. If instead you would rather use the mainnet, make sure to keep a copy of your recovery seed to avoid any potential losses.

Here’s how to get started.

— How to use —

[1. Wallet Creation]

After opening the app, you may choose to import an existing NAV wallet or create a brand new one with Whisper. To import an old wallet, you will need to type the wallet’s seed phrase into Whisper. Creating a new wallet is just as fast and straight-forward, simply follow the instructions provided. Make sure to write down your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe (though you may always look it up later in the app).

[2. Wallet Functions]

[a. Overview]

Welcome to Whisper Wallet! This is your home screen. Here you can view your total balance and access your accounts. The “Accounts” tab contains your public and private wallets, as well as your staking wallet. You may send and receive funds through each separate wallet, but also transfer funds between wallets, for example from your Public to your Private wallet and vice-versa. Let’s take a closer look.

[b. Sending & Receiving]

To start sending funds choose a wallet and tap “Sending to someone”. Use the in-built QR code scanner or manually input the receiving address as well as the amount you wish to send. To receive funds, pick your desired wallet and tap “View address to receive”. Each wallet has a unique address you can either scan as a QR code or simply copy and paste where needed.

[c. Swapping NAV to XNAV]

Transferring funds between your own public, private or staking wallets is just as straight-forward as sending and receiving. Simply go to your wallet of choice and tap “Move to other wallet”, then choose a recipient and confirm.

As a reminder: public funds can openly be traced on the blockchain while private transactions keep the sender, receiver and amount hidden. When transferring funds from a public to a private wallet, your NAV is automatically swapped 1:1 for XNAV, effectively rendering your funds and transactions untraceable. Of course, the reverse is also true — XNAV sent to a public wallet will be swapped for NAV and thus be made public again.

[d. Tokens and NFTs]

Under “Tokens’’ you will find all your private tokens minted on the Navcoin blockchain. Tap on the name to view the address to receive more, send them to another address or to see your transaction history.

A detailed guide on how to mint your own private tokens will follow shortly.

Your “NFTS” tab is where you can view and manage your private NFT gallery. To get started, tap “Create collection” and fill in the Name, Description and Number of items. Make sure you have a small amount of XNAV in the wallet to cover the creation fee and confirm. Once completed, your new NFT collection should appear in the tab. By selecting it you will be able to view your items, receive more and see the transaction history.

[e. Staking]

Finally, Whisper Wallet allows you to stake your coins two ways. Either cold by using NavCash Pool or through your own node. Besides allowing you to compound your funds through generous interest rates, staking helps validate transactions and secure the network — everyone wins.

With cold staking there’s no need to run your own nodes, nor do you have to keep your wallet open for your coins to accrue interest.

There’s two ways of filling your staking wallet. The first and easiest way is to transfer (“Move to another account”) public funds to your NavCash Pool staking account. Otherwise you may also simply send NAV to your staking wallet’s address. Should you ever want to stop staking coins, you may transfer or send them back to your public or private accounts at any time.

Alternatively, to connect your own node to the wallet, tap Settings in the top right corner of your Whisper main screen and select “Staking nodes”. Tap the pencil icon and type in the name and address under “Add new node”. Done! Your node will now be visible under “Accounts” on the home screen.

*Staking should not be confused with mixing. Mixing happens automatically when you opt to merge your XNAV with other wallet owners to enhance the network’s privacy.

[3. Future updates]

Now that you have an overview of Whisper Wallet’s core functions, here’s what is in store for the future: dotnav support, DAO support and swaps between private tokens on the Navcoin blockchain and BEP20 tokens.



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