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[Customer Story] Scene Stealer: “We successfully launched our game and greatly improved our service management efficiency with GAMEPOT.”

“While publishing Chinese games in Korea, GAMEPOT allowed us to launch our services without any issues. Our work efficiency has also overwhelmingly increased through enhanced and improved service management after the launch.”

Welcome back! This is NAVER Cloud Platform.​

Today, we’d like to introduce Scene Stealer, a game company that launched martial arts MMORPG Shin-gang-ho with GAMEPOT, NAVER Cloud Platform’s integrated management service for operating games.

Shin-gang-ho has entered the Top 10 sales in Google Play (KR) as a mobile martial arts MMORPG with fast gameplay and impressive martial arts graphics.​

Check out the interview below and see how Scene Stealer benefited from GAMEPOT’s game publishing and service support!

Interviewee: Chang-wan Yu, Executive Director of Game Business Office

Q1. Please tell us about your company and the services you provide.

We’re a game publisher that converts and launches verified Chinese games through the global network suited to the local market.

Since our establishment, we launched an authentic martial arts MMORPG, Shin-gang-ho, which has a history of entering the Top 10 sales in Google Play (KR), in September 2019. Unlike other martial arts MMORPGs that only change the character graphics, Shin-gang-ho contained ink-and-wash imagery of Asian martial arts, earning it many favorable reviews. All kinds of gamers can enjoy this game containing various systems and content such as looting, PVP and wars between servers.

We’ve been providing services with various games and are planning to publish more games that will be enjoyed by many users through the global network.

[Shin-gang-ho Homepage:]

Q2. Why did you choose NAVER Cloud Platform?

We required business and technical support for launching and operating the game. We needed various features for launching from China to Korea, such as support for various connections (payment/login). That’s why we were searching for a game management service suitable for our needs and environment. Due to the characteristics of Chinese games, we needed to launch quickly for business development. It was critical for us to easily and quickly implement various features required for the game, including authentication and payment features. NAVER Cloud Platform played a vital role in filling those business/technical needs.

Q3. Which service in NAVER Cloud Platform are you currently using and how did it help you?

We’re using NAVER Cloud Platform’s GAMEPOT.

GAMEPOT, a robust and convenient integrated management service, pretty much supports everything required for the game. We could launch the title stably through the technical support we got before the launch. And after the launch, we could quickly and conveniently operate the game, thanks to GAMEPOT’s refund management and convenient service operation support. To support the large amount of players that use Shin-gang-ho, we increased work efficiency through various operational support for different systems and content, covering everything from looting, PVP, and wars between servers.​

GAMEPOT Service:

Q4. What are the distinctive features or advantages of GAMEPOT?

The shorter connection schedules through technical support and the specialization in customer service refund management are the most significant distinctive features and advantages of using GAMEPOT.

With GAMEPOT’s technical support optimized to increase game companies’ work efficiency, we significantly reduced the opportunity cost of launching the game. NAVER Cloud Platform’s technical support saved us a lot time before the launch, allowing us to focus on launching the game.

Even after the launch, the features provided by GAMEPOT, such as payment management, customer support, message operation, coupons distribution, statistics collection, and security management, have been very helpful. Thanks to these functions, we were able to just focus on operating the game through NAVER Cloud Platform’s thorough security support. Also, GAMEPOT’s messages/coupons/statistics features were provided by default without extra charge, unlike other game management solutions, giving us even greater work efficiency.

GAMEPOT provides an integrated environment for the entire game operation along with game SDK

Q5. What is your future service strategy or plan?

Scene Stealer will proceed with global launches and services through GAMEPOT.

Scene Stealer is preparing to launch titles in five countries (North America/Canada/Australia/UK/New Zealand), including domestic publishing in 2020 through GAMEPOT. With NAVER Cloud Platform, we are sure to launch global services quickly and stably!

NAVER Cloud Platform’s GAMEPOT, a trusted supporter for developing and operating games! For more details on this service, please see the link below.

And don’t forget to check out other customer stories on our page and also on our website! Thank you all for reading today’s story and we hope to bring more inspirational and helpful customer story content soon.



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