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[🌏News] Blockchain Service, facilitating easy blockchain configuration, released in the Singapore region!

Hello, this is NAVER Cloud Platform on, the cloud that anyone can start easily.

Blockchain is a new technology that does not cease to be a hot topic! The blockchain market is receiving attention from major domestic and international companies, including the securities industry as well as game companies. ⛓

In fact, Fortune Business Insights estimated in “Blockchain Market Analysis Research Report, 2021–2028” that the global blockchain market size will exceed $104.19 billion (about 125 trillion KRW) in 2028. This predicts that the average annual growth rate will reach 55.8%! 💲

According to MarketsandMarkets, a global market research company, the blockchain market size from last year was known to be $4.9 billion. [Source: Tech M]

With the blockchain market continuing its growth trend as such, there was an increase in the number of companies that entered the blockchain industry. 📈

Stop for a moment, and pay attention! 📢

NAVER Cloud Platform Blockchain Service, released in the Singapore region!

Do you know about NAVER Cloud Platform’s Blockchain Service, a service that can configure private and consortium-type blockchain networks using Hyperledger Fabric? 👀

From preparing infrastructures and installing the blockchain framework to node deployment and network configurations, this is a service that reduces the complexities of configuring a blockchain while increasing user convenience.

NAVER Cloud Platform’s Blockchain Service has also been released in the Singapore region!

You can now use NAVER Cloud Platform’s Blockchain Service in the Singapore region to securely configure blockchain networks in the cloud that can be expanded globally.

Hold on! 🎵

Shall we take a closer look at NAVER Cloud Platform’s Blockchain Service?

1️⃣ Validated blockchain framework supported

Hyperledger Fabric, a validated framework that is frequently implemented and used in the public sector and enterprises, is supported. You can configure both private and consortium-type blockchain networks, which are participated by multiple members. Powerful security is provided through the permissions management feature that can respond to this.

2️⃣ Web-based console environment provided

A web-based console environment is provided to use the thoroughly validated blockchain framework effectively. You can configure and manage blockchain networks in the GUI environment through the console, making it easy to operate infrastructures.

3️⃣ Reasonable expense management

You can configure blockchains of the desired size at reasonable costs. You can manage resources flexibly according to the number of members and their usage, as well as pay fees only for the amount used. Products and solutions are provided for the development convenience of decentralized applications outside of blockchain networks.

4️⃣ Full standard SDK support

Information for accessing individual nodes, which are required for blockchain application development, are provided. Hyperledger Fabric’s native SDK is fully supported.

With NAVER Cloud’s Blockchain Service, which reduces the complexities of configuring a blockchain while increasing user convenience, realize your dream of global expansion! 🌐

Thank you.
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