October Monthly Update of Navgurukul Dharamsala Campus

  1. Work is going on English And Tech curriculum. Rishabh and Vedansh are working on tech curriculum(Java and Python) and Anuradha is working on English curriculum.
  2. Flag system Start (According to Student’s Progress TNP team will give the flag to students and according to flag Rishabh will be worked on student's progress.)
  3. Painting Work is finished this month in navgurukul Campus. Now Which is looking so Beautiful and Cool.

4. Vedansh and Rishabh took many of class, tech and the nontech session on about Students Study and his Progress and taking feedback individually to students.

5. Now the response of Navgurukul team is good and more focusing on Dharamsala campus.

6. Bunkbeds comes in Dharamsala campus all study happy to this.

7. Navgurukul gives us Found for sports equipment. we buy (Badminton and net, Volleyball and net, Many crickets ball and One-foot ball. Student go daily for playing to it at early morning).

8. Many Students went for Manthon Opportunity(Rajesthan and Mumbai).

9. There is some such condition in which we need Money but we do not have it. The treasure has discussed to Rishabh on this. Now we have an emergency.

10. Some new Toilet and Bathroom are building in Dharamsala campus.

11. There was the session on the on Art Of Growing health with is conduct by Moolchand.

12. Navgurukul team Gives non-tech to students who are performing his best is study, community work and in council work.

13. Some students have the call with Samyak he is geek guys also he knows technology from 17 and more years.

14. Food(Council member) and Prerna(Team member) made a Food menu which is fully filled with the protein.

15. New laptops 8GB RAM laptop comes there.

16. Geyser ordered.

The bad:’(

  1. Students is not following Schedule properly(Not use of class room, Some Students getup late).
  2. Some time many transfer get delay.
  3. Some students Broke their laptop they can not keep the laptop safely.
  4. Some Students who are doing android they are facing laptop hanging problem.

The Ugly:{}

  1. Council team also work in kitchen.
  2. lots of mismanagement happened in Dharamsala campus.
  3. Students are Not taking serious any kind of activity or manthon opportunities.

The next:-

  1. Buy study table for students study