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August’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Coding is the latest buzzword. Everyone seems to be talking about it. With Whitehat’s acquisition & NEP 2020 mandating coding, there’s a lot of demand to learn programming. As an organisation, this is a time to recreate our culture towards scale and efficiency to meet the growing gap.

The Good

  1. We targeted 1000 girls this year to teach programming online. We are on a path to do more. However, creating forward linkages for these girls after the online program is still an important challenge.
  2. We are working on Meraki — an open source collective to build an app and deliver coding skills to the remotest of the students in the country, by enabling them to learn and run their code on Smartphone.
  3. We have already onboarded two partners for Meraki collective, who would be running their own courses.
  4. We are entering into a partnership to launch a hybrid course to train programming to about 150+ girls. More details soon.
  5. In next two-four months, we will be setting up two new residential campuses with a capacity of 200 and 162 girls each.
  6. 15+ students got jobs in August as the jobs in tech sector picks up steam.
  7. We are actively working with 40+ organisations to identify students for the online programs. The commitment to partner and collaborate of our partners motivates us to design more such interventions in partnership.
  8. We added Rahit and Saquib to our team, both of who are our own alumni and are now working at Dharamsala campus and on technology, respectively.

The Bad

  1. We dealt with some issues regarding a breach in our Coronavirus protocol, that created panic. We had to even suspend two of our team members, but were so glad to see how they used that time to learn more about their responsibilities and came up with a better policy to secure our campuses.
  2. We are struggling with certain infrastructure related issues in Dharamsala campus and are currently trying to resolve them at the earliest.

Need Your Help!

  1. We need volunteers who understand technology — either in a capacity to mentor, code or build curriculum.
  2. Laptops: Corona has created a shortage of laptops so if you or your company has spare laptops/desktops in working condition, let us know and we will arrange a collection.


  1. Milaan Foundation runs Girls Icon program where they work with young women to ensure that they are able to lead their communities through proper guidance and support. They are raising funds for their fellowship. Consider donating them here or reaching out for CSR grants.

We hope that you are able to choose joy over stress, and bring lightness to your life and that of your loved ones.




NavGurukul offers a one-year residential program in Software Engineering for underprivileged students to enable an access to aspirational jobs for them. We are working to launch similar courses in Mental Health and Tourism.

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