November’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Abhishek Gupta
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2 min readDec 15, 2020


We recently started a new campus in Pune and are on track for opening a new campus in Bangalore. Fueled by our desire to reach out to more girls in such harsh times, we are pushing ourselves to do more. In the last few months, we have expanded from 80 to 600 students, from one course to four, and every two weeks are releasing a new version of Meraki. Not without its share of hiccups. The work volume and pressure to deliver are high and at times stressful. We are building our capacity to scale up, often with challenges that make you wonder about the balance!

This time marks our transition to a reinvigorated NavGurukul 2.0. However, some things are still the same :-) One of those is my commitment to be vulnerable. With that, here are our updates for you:

The Good

  1. Pune Center with a capacity of 300 students has been started with the support of Accenture and Microsoft.
  2. Rapid growth in our team accountabilities. #ShoutOut: Most of our team is our own alumni!
  3. Meraki volunteering team is growing well, and there is increased ownership by people involved there.
  4. Joined by Komal and Anand in our tech team.
  5. Partnered with Journey Matters, Psychodrama for providing personal therapy support, and The Talking Compass for providing group therapy support to our students
  6. 4200 tribal girls gave our test from Maharashtra. 100 girls are expected to join from the same.

The Bad

  1. Accenture’s second batch ends in March 2021. Our third cycle has very ambitious targets to become sustainable for that particular batch. Pay forward has still some way to go towards achieving that.
  2. There are many operational challenges being faced by Pune Campus due to Coronavirus as well as some of our own efficiencies.
  3. There were 2 Coronavirus cases in theBangalore campus. Both have tested negative after thorough quarantine.

What do we need?

  1. To identify individuals deeply passionate about this space who can join us full-time. Have 15+ openings.
  2. Urgently looking for someone with Graphics Design background to lead the course on Design in our Pune campus.

It feels special to receive so much love and warmth to receive your replies. Thanks a ton for staying in touch.