October’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


The Good

  1. We have implemented a system of handing over flags — green (for consistent students who are able to progress well), red (for students who aren’t working hard) and yellow (for hard-working students who aren’t able to make visible progress). We try to mentor yellow card holders more and do a dialogue with red card holders on what may be bothering them to not let them study properly.
  2. The students and team are participating in creating a strong dialogue on gender and sexual harassment in the wake of #MeToo movement.
  3. We have been working on different pedagogical elements to teach programming to our students. The diversity that our batches have, makes it very important for us to try different learning techniques.
  4. Our Dharamsala campus has been painted with beautiful colors and has bunk beds now. Construction of toilets etc. is in progress.
  5. We have shifted most of our tech and life skills curriculum to SARAL, our eLearning platform.
  6. We have been able to identify some people to work as facility-in-charge for our Dharamsala campus.

The Bad

  1. The issues around harassment have forced us to shift our Bangalore center, yet again. We have identified a few options and a change in approach which we will discuss soon.
  2. Students come to NavGurukul for jobs, but not all of them are interested in Software Engineering. How to keep them interested or to get them jobs in other areas is a challenge.
  3. Diversity in girls’ interests tends to be higher as they tend to be more receptive to different awareness exercises that we do. This makes software engineering jobs a harder problem in the girls’ batch.

The Ugly

  1. An alumnus student went incommunicado with regards to the payments. This has affected other students’ morale with respect to paying back as well. It remains to be seen how to ensure that the students who have successfully got jobs pay back regularly on time.

Thanks for being a part of this journey. Hope to achieve greater things together. Do you follow our campus Instagram channels, yet? (Dharamsala, Bangalore)