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October’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Corona is closer than ever. And we all are trying to look ahead, while also taking out time for mourning the loss caused. A disproportionately high number of girls are at the verge of being married at a young age and to an increased risk of gender based violence. The role that we have to play only has to be strengthened despite the fatigue. But to do so, first of all we need to take care of our own emotional as well as physical health. Hopefully, this Diwali break would help us get closer to finding our own inner balance — to stay healthy and do good.

Here’s an update from our work in October:

  1. When Kajal got job this month, all the five students sent by Project Potential in our Accenture’s first batch got jobs. Attached is a small infographic on it. Annu’s and Ravina’s sisters are studying now at NavGurukul.
  2. Our entire pipeline of students waiting to be hired, has been hired. This is the first time when we don’t have any students to recommend. More students to join the pipeline soon.
  3. We are starting School of Design where in 10 girls would undergo a one-year rigorous training to become Graphic Designers.
  4. We have found a beautiful campus for 200 girls in Pune. It starts on 20 Nov. More than 90 students have booked their tickets already, and counting.
  5. Mobilising girls for our 4th residential campus in Bangalore.
  6. Amazon has supported us by donating laptops for our students. Now, you can also directly donate to Navgurukul on Amazon application.
  7. Kriti joined us for the Office of the CEO position. We are hiring for these roles.
  8. Close to 1000 users have already downloaded Meraki application. App can be used to learn & practice programming through a smartphone.
  9. We partnered with Let’s Teach English (iVolunteer) for a pilot to impart communication skills to our girls.
  1. There was some delay in finding the Pune campus, which led to some dropouts from our admission. We are aggressively partnering with more organisations to wrap up the admissions.
  1. There were two Coronavirus cases in Dharamsala campus. Effective quarantining of all the incoming students ensured that it didn’t spread in the campus. Both of the boys are in strict quarantine and on a path to recovery.
  1. started by two of my IITD juniors is helping farmers to sell their organic produce directly in NCR area. You can use the platform to buy and help the farmers.
  2. Protsahan an action & advocacy based organisation does commendable and much needed work for children protection. You can support them by purchasing amazing handicrafts made by their children here.

The support that we receive from you, help us hold our ground and give our best. I wish there were words to describe the gratitude that we feel as a team to your presence.

Thank you for being there.



NavGurukul offers a one-year residential program in Software Engineering for underprivileged students to enable an access to aspirational jobs for them. We are working to launch similar courses in Mental Health and Tourism.

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