The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Abhishek Gupta
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2 min readFeb 13, 2022


It’s been a while since I wrote the newsletter. It seems that the last few months were more occupied with reporting and working than genuine reflections. It’s interesting that if you break the rhythm of something, how difficult it can be to get back to it. But most importantly, it feels refreshing to be writing this again.

The Good

  1. Tripura campus has been finally launched, and 80 young women are already a part of the program.
  2. With students getting jobs, our campuses are again admitting students on a rolling basis. Do reach out to us and recommend students who you think would be fit for the program.
  3. For our graphic design pilot (residential one-year course in graphic design), we are starting with virtual internships. Plan is to successfully finish the pilot by May.
  4. We’ve been working with 120+ Haryana Government Schools to teach programming using Meraki. Signed an MoU with Maharashtra for 25,000 students as well. Talks underway with more State Governments.
  5. We are hiring for multiple positions.
  6. We are restarting recruitment for Code India Fellowship. Four fellows were hired and placed in our campuses. With the new recruitments, we will be placing the fellows with partners to improve core Software Engineering placement outcomes.
  7. We recently got covered in the Ken. A very special announcement due on this.
  8. Pune campus was shifted to a new location. The location is much more accessible and have better amenities at a cheaper cost.

The Bad

  1. Due to Omicron we had to implement a slew of restrictions in our campus, affecting the academics.
  2. Special thanks to United Enablers where the staff and students were quarantined.

The Ugly

  1. Due to issues in supply of the water some students in the Pune campus fell sick. However, due to prompt support by the local government authorities immediate care was provided, and everyone recovered quickly.
  2. One of our campus head’s Covid spiraled out of control. Thankfully, she is recovering now.

Need Help

  1. Share about NG to orgs hiring tech talent, especially the ones keen on building a diverse workforce.
  2. Help us connect with different State Governments.