This is not a goodbye. What’s next?

NavGurukul Dharamsala Campus

What’s my plan ahead?

  1. I feel modern solutions & jobs are often degrading to parts of the larger ecosystem, our larger home-Earth. They don’t help us in regenerating our communities, ourselves or the planet. Similarly, software engineering as a profession thrives on structures built around inequality and often the work involved doesn’t help in giving back any of the resources it needs to function. Manish Jain, from Shikshantar jokingly calls a lot of modern professions ‘Deadli-hoods’. He talks about building Aliveli-hoods which help us in regenerating ourselves, the earth’s natural systems and healthy communities. Can I play a part in making these aliveli-hoods more accessible & inclusive? Maybe we can start different schools of these aliveli-hoods within NavGurukul ;)
  2. Spend more time with myself. Last 4 years have been a lot of work. I absolutely loved it, but I do feel in retrospect that I took out less time for myself. (note to all early founders :P).
  3. I’ve been deeply interested in sustainability & generally living a life which is more aligned with nature & the planet. How can I personally live a life closer to nature? A life more aligned with Gaia. Spending time on Permaculture farms is the next action plan for me.
  4. Reading. Lots & lots of reading.

How does me transitioning out affect NavGurukul?

I’m both happy & afraid that when I decided to not work full time to start my exploration in October last year, it created a strong vacuum within the organisation. But I also feel blessed to know that with the support that I could offer, and the tenacity of what we have built together, the organisation seems ready for me to leave in entirety.

I lead where we are creating a meaningful alternative to college for the underprivileged.

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NavGurukul offers a one-year residential program in Software Engineering for underprivileged students to enable an access to aspirational jobs for them. We are working to launch similar courses in Mental Health and Tourism.

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