Dear Navi Community!

We‘ve successfully launched Pemium Naviaddress auction!

Premium Naviaddress is the first smart digital address on blockchain, which could be purchased through our auction. The Naviaddress Auction will provide for a quick and cost-effective purchase and ownership of smart digital addresses. It allows any user to buy, own, sell and lend an unlimited number of authenticated and secured smart digital addresses on blockchain.

Premium Naviaddress is the digital identifier with unique ID created and provided for by Naviaddress on Ethereum Blockchain made up to five digits (excluding container number) and set of metadata.

Here is a short guideline that will navigate you through the process:

1. Head to and click “Start”! We strongly advise using Google Chrome which will enable Thebes’s speed for obtaining naviaadresses.

2. Make sure to use MetaMask. Log in and switch over to the Main Ethereum Network!

3. Add NAVI tokens to the MetaMask! Use the following details:

Symbol : NAVI

Decimals 18

Address: 0x588047365df5ba589f923604aac23d673555c623

4. And click ’Next‘!

5. Now it‘s time to set the Allowance. At this point you decide how many of your NAVI. tokens are allowed to be used in the auction. This is an official requirement of the Ethereum Network, so your cannot skip this step.

6. Confirm the transaction.

7. You are all set! Click «Obtain Naviaddress».

8. Choose “Naviaddresses” button to Obtain a Naviaddress

9. You may choose an address type, Naviaddress length and country:

10. Type in the selected digits of your Premium Naviaddress

11. … confirm the transaction

12. Your Naviaddress now is participating in the auction. Primary Auction is available 24 hours a day, each bidding cycle lasts 24 consecutive hours. All bids are shall be nominated in NAVI. The first bid at the Primary Auction is equal to twice the nominal price of the Premium Naviaddress, and shall be paid by you at originating of the Premium Naviaddress. The successful bidder shall be the last bidder with the highest bid during the bidding cycle. If you bid for the Premium Naviaddress originated by you, you may bypass the bidding process and have the option to buy the rights to such Premium Naviaddress at the price equal to ten times the nominal price of such Premium Naviaddress.

We wish you the best of. luck. and are looking forward to meeting you at our Premium Naviaddress Sale Soft Launch at

Stay tuned for our updates,

Your Naviaddress Team

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