Navibaby now available in Sydney

We are pleased to announce that Navibaby is now available in Sydney for your Android device. You can download it now on Google Play.

We took part in the Personal Trip Plan API Challenge run by Transport for NSW. TfNSW had existing APIs available but what intrigued us was the Trip Planner API. By entering station ids or geocodes of where you want to get to and from, TfNSW could tell you which step-free journeys to take. The only challenge we had was trying to fit in the work while moving our family from London to Sydney. We had great support from Yvonne and the Open Data Hub team to make this all happen in a short time span. They also promoted our app and two other products on their official post on Facebook.

Sydney’s transport system does not have a massive subway like London but it can still be a challenge for parents with prams. Some parents I spoke to drove a majority of the time so public transportation was not really an option. So why use Navibaby at all? Some of the trains stations like Roseville Station that have long stairs with no lift available. With step-free options we can help highlight what are some baby friendly routes to take whether that is a bus alone or a combination of bus/train/ferry. Buses can take advantage of the bus lanes on the motorways so in some scenarios using public transport is faster than driving your own car into the CBD.

We are happy that we are here in Sydney and we hope that many families in the future get to enjoy and see more of the city.

Check out the Tramshed in Glebe

The city skyline image for Sydney was created by SVGs from the Noun Project (Made Somewhere, icon 54)