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Danielle Wall Joins Us as COO!

We are thrilled to announce that Danielle Wall has officially joined our team as Chief Operating Officer. Wall was most recently Director of Operations for veteran cryptocurrency exchange turned DeFi aggregator platform, ShapeShift. During her 5.5 years tenure there, she drove stakeholder alignment across the business, built remote and global teams, and ran treasury management of a crypto balance sheet of over $100 million.

Wall fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2014 and hasn’t been able to see the world the same since. A pioneer in the crypto world, she has seen bear and bull markets, and has now transformed ShapeShit from a centralized entity to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO. An active member of the FOX community, she has passed proposals through the governance system. The most recent proposal is creating a Treasury Management and Diversification committee, which will help manage ~$300,000,000 of the token treasury via DAO to DAO collaboration and utilizing different DeFi protocols.

At Nayms, Wall will facilitate growth and scaling of our team, optimize efficiencies as we approach launch, and build our community of partners and investors. Wall will bring a combination of cryptocurrency experience, operations improvements and global go-to-market expertise to her work in ensuring Nayms’ successes.

“My interest in Nayms was sparked knowing they are bringing the seven trillion dollar reinsurance market into the smart contract crypto world. It’s another traditional finance industry that is ripe to blossom in the transparent, tokenized, tradable world of blockchains.” said Wall “I’m looking forward to helping take the company to the next level in its global influence.”

CEO Dan Roberts said “Our project has grown substantially this year, with $8.5m of additional funding, a team of 16 and increasingly involved market participants. With growth comes an increase in moving parts, so we are very excited for Danielle to work with the team at Nayms in coordinating all areas of the business as we approach launch in 2022. Welcome Danielle!”

About Nayms

Nayms is a leading innovator creating the smarter insurance marketplace. Nayms plans to build the world’s leading, fully-regulated marketplace for on-chain insurance. Through our work so far with the industry we are paving the way in providing a new digital asset risk market that allows regulated brokers and underwriters to find digital asset capital providers to share in the premium and liability entailed in covering digital asset risk. Our traceable smart contract is built on a trustless system, meaning insurance brokers can place a contract between market participants in a limitless number of areas and share in the future value of such open trade.

Smart Contract powered ecosystem for the issue, purchase and trade of risk.

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Theodore Georgas

Theodore Georgas

Nayms CTO

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