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Tech Update — 1st Pilot Launch

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

I am writing to report some exciting news coming from Nayms. After a very challenging Q1, I am happy to announce that we have a working prototype application ready, that we will be piloting with some of our strategic clients and partners with real digital currency in the coming weeks! You can go and check it out on Rinkeby network here.

Our current stack runs on all virtual infrastructure and includes Upgradeable Solidity Smart Contracts that do the heavy lifting including ultra-secure blockchain-based access control, React.js for the front end with a sleek design, Google Firebase for our middle tier, and Google Appengine running Spring Boot(Java) utilizing integrations with Ethereum Network and custom authentication by cryptocurrency private key signature for our back end.

We have been developing with the user in mind from the start, and this release will enable us to get more specific user feedback and continue testing in a real-world scenario. As we have always had a distributed tech team, we were affected very little by the ongoing world events.

On the tech side, 2019 and the beginning of Q1 2020 has admittedly been a bit chaotic with everyone on the team building the plane while we were flying it. Although this worked out for us and was quite fun, chaos is something to be avoided, and now that all essential moving parts have come together (quite gracefully, I might add), the project is building momentum towards a more managed approach. This means less risk on the technical side and more predictable outcomes and scheduled releases going forward.

Although we made great progress in Q1, we still have a lot of work to do that includes code optimizations on the smart contracts and user interface side, user experience updates, and greater automation. In addition to fine tuning our stack in the near-term, We have plans to enable shared participation in insurance portfolios, smoother onboarding, and some algorithm based underwriting decisions in the longer-term. In addition to this we will be closely monitoring the performance of our stack to see if we can identify any potential improvements.

I would like to express my gratitude to our small, but strong tech team. Every team member has both exceeded our expectations on an individual level as well as harmonized with others organically. As a result, our team has matured and we are delivering at an ever more efficient pace.

I look forward to delivering more good news in the coming weeks and months!


Theodore Georgas, Nayms CTO

Smart Contract powered ecosystem for the issue, purchase and trade of risk.

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Theodore Georgas

Theodore Georgas

Nayms CTO

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