Nayuta’s activities related to the Lightning Network, including media articles and more

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First, I will provide links to media articles featuring Nayuta. Cryptocurrency is a global market, so these links are from globally recognized media outlets.


Nayuta’s proof-of-concept experiment with Chubu Electric Power Co. to facilitate EV charging payments using the Lightning Network

The initial Nayuta wallet was a hybrid type, combining a Full Node (Pruned Node) and SPV. At the time, such a wallet type did not exist, which garnered media attention.

This is an article from when Nayuta announced Ptarmigan, which was the fourth Lightning Network node in the world. Ptarmigan was characterized by its low memory requirements and ability to run on low-spec hardware. At the time, it was developed for IoT applications and operated as a node running on RasPiZero. Nayuta also released a connection board for Arduino simultaneously. Currently, the focus has shifted, and the initial target is software-only solutions.

This is an article that was published on Coindesk for the first time when there was contact from them in 2018 during the implementation of the Lightning Network node, requesting an interview.

This is an article from 2019 about the Lightning Network. Nayuta is introduced as one of the six major development teams scattered around the world.

This is an article about the payment experiment conducted at Awabar in Fukuoka using the Lightning Network. It discusses accepting payments by running BTCPay Server on Ptarmigan.

In addition to the above, Coindesk has featured Nayuta.

■Bitcoin Magazine

This is an article on the Hybrid wallet that was also featured in the aforementioned Coindesk.


The Hybrid wallet was also featured in an article on Decrypto.


The Hybrid wallet was also featured on the NASDAQ website.


The proof-of-concept experiment with Chubu Electric Power Co. was also covered by Cointelegraph.

Nayuta has also been speaking at international conferences.

■The Lightning Conference

・Lightning Hackday Berlin

・Lightning Hackday N.Y.

・Lightning Hackday Munich

・Adopting Bitcoin 2022

・Bitcoin Island retreat

■ Development of the Lightning Network protocol itself

The following page is a contributor list for the Lightning Network Protocol. Two members from Nayuta are listed among the top contributors.

In 2018, a meeting was held in Adelaide where approximately 20 key protocol contributors gathered to determine the future development direction. Two members from our company were invited and participated in the meeting.

We plan to continue contributing to the global expansion of the Lightning Network in the future.



Hitomi Moriyama

Public Relations and Marketing at Nayuta