A RNG enabled dApp demo released by NBLab.

In our last post on our proposal of another method of generating a random number in the blockchain, NBLab has implemented our approach to a dApp.

We believe that a slot game is the best game that we know of showing how the random number generation (RNG) is actually used.

Try a demo
(Three Stars Slot is not available in some countries.)

What is a slot game?

In a short description, it is usually made up of three or more reels. When you start playing the game with a bet, each reel will start to turn until they come to a halt after a certain amount of time. This is a game in which the corresponding reward is paid to the player according to the combination of matching images on the Winning Line. In early days, they were achieved by mechanical implementation but these days they are done electronically.

RNG in slot games

In order to get the results in these games, how the reels stop must occur at random. In offline slot machines in the real casinos, the codes are inspected and tested by the supervisory authority. Once they pass the inspection, then the codes are sealed not be tampered with and distributed to the offline casino establishment. However, in the conventional online slots, the game company performs the testing and the inspection of their RNG.

RNG is widely known to determine the outcome in casino games. We feel that there may be a conflict of interest for the game company to execute those tests on their bread and butter.

RNG usage in the game

It is widely used in game sector like NPC implementation, monster generation, map generation, and the activation of the hero skills to name a few but not the least, the random items. It is one of the most important factors for players. If you are able to create items through RNG with transparency, more trust can be earned.

RNG of NBLab

The RNG proposed by NBLab works on the smart contract and is recorded, so it is virtually impossible to manipulate. We feel that many approaches available were not applicable to the actual blockchain due to their lack of scalability.

However, NBLab has improved some of the existing RNG methods of blockchains to accommodate the large scale processing simultaneously. More detailed research results can be found on our last posting or on our website, www.nblab.io.

Release of dApp demo

Based on the results of our research, NBLab created a dAPP by implementing the RNG on a slot machine of NEOWIZ PLAY STUDIO. And it was open for everyone to give it a go and let us know what you think. If you click a transaction in the game result table, more detailed information is revealed. Click ‘TxID’ to see the corresponding transaction information in eosflare.

Try a demo

The RNG method proposed by NBLab is applied. The smart contract is on the EOS mainnet and the its source code will be released shortly.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the business opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Homepage : https://www.nblab.io
Email: nblab@neowiz.com
Medium : https://medium.com/nblab