Grand Opening of Hexa Puzzle Duel, 3rd game of NBLab.

Hi guys.

We have announced the opening of Candy Pop Duel last month, and soon after, we are thrilled to announce the opening of another game. This game is called Hexa Puzzle Duel. It is already the third official game of Neowiz Blockchain Lab.

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Again, we have developed a game very familiar to everyone. It is a kind of “block puzzle” games, similar to Tetris that everybody knows. Again, it is an EOS blockchain game where you play 1 on 1 with other players.

Just like all of our previous games, you will play in the same conditions. The difference from previous games is that your choice in early moves can create a big distinction in the future score. It’s great to see your skills!

Of course you can check out the replay after match finishes, as usual!

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Unlike other Block Puzzle games, the game is played on a hexagonal board, so more different blocks are available and more combinations are possible. Especially, the number of lines you eliminate at a single move creates HUGE difference in your score, so focus (be careful, try your best, and use your skills!) on placing blocks.

Of course, you can play the game with both EOS and SLT. If you have tokens already obtained from Solitaire Duel or Candy Pop Duel, you can play Hexa Puzzle Duel with it, as usual.

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We, Neowiz Blockchain Lab., are proud to be creating high-quality blockchain games. We ask for your interest and support on our effort to produce high-quality blockchain casual games.

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Join us now to compete with other players in the world:

<Our previous games>

Solitaire Duel :
Candy Pop Duel :



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