The end of Three Stars Slot demo version



End of Service

We have decided to terminate our demo version of Tree Star Slots to show our
in-house developed random number generation (RNG) to all of you on 13 th
September 2018.

It will be available till the end of October, 2018.

Our Operating Model

We would like to take this opportunity to share our various operation models.

Inline Action Model

At the beginning of the service, we have deployed a model using Inline Action.

This actions enables to combine two different functions into a single function. In the case of our Three Stars Slot, we decided to try this model to combine the transfer and spin actions.

Inline Action Model

When a user requests an inline action to the contract, then it will execute all functions on behalf of the user. Please note that in the particular system, the contract must have all the permissions of the user.

Initially our demo game, our smart contract requested the transfer permission from our users. If we had malicious intent, it would be possible that we can withdraw more than the mount specified by the user. (And of course, it did not happen.) Consequently, in terms of a service operation, the inline action model may not be the most appropriate as it requests a high level permission to perform a certain action.

Notification Model

Rather than using the previous Inline Action, using notification also allows to combine different actions. Once the transfer is completed a notification occurs. Upon the receipt of the notification, the game will perform the spin action.

Notification Model

There is a drawback in the smart contract in the notification model. We have found that there are cases where the notification occur without any real transfer which in turn, means the game can be played without the bet.

Please refer to the following posts for more details.

NBLab Proposal — Proxy Contract Model

Our final model proposed is a combination of advantage of the two previous models.

A player transfers to our proxy contract whereby a notification is executed like in the previous notification model. Once this occurs, the proxy contract will perform the transfer and spin action like in the inline action model.

Proxy Contract Model

In our model, as the contract requires the transfer permission of the proxy contract, it does not require such permission from the player. It also is more secure as it only performs when the actual transfer is executed on the proxy contract.

Ending Remarks

We are planning to how some of our various experiments on the EOS. Thank you for your kind interest on our Three Stars Slot demo.