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Release of EOS Slot

NBLab has released Three Stars Slot (EOS Slot) on Thursday, 13th September at UDC 2018.

Positive Feedback

The interest was high as it had the most questioned speech on the day at the conference. We also received a lot of feedbacks and interests offline as well as online through the channels like Reddit, Telegram and email to name a few from EOS holders all over the world.



“We would be delighted if we get more dApps like Three Stars Slot in the near future.”, “It is graphically the most impressive service.” Feedbacks like these really motivate us.

Voice of concern

However, there were concerns over Three Stars Slot due to the fact that it requests an important account permission from the players.



Cheers, Nathan @GenerEOS

(We have not anticipated this much interest from our demo.)

Example code of EOSIO Dice Game

We have implemented some of the codes from the EOSIO Dice Game in order to bring the quick seemless demonstration of the game play. The example codes of the dice game requests the important account permission and we follow this approach.

Explosive response

After the announcement, the number of transaction soared to 1,800 in 6 hours. With so much feedbacks on our demo, it is inevitable to make more improvement.

Eureka moment

We immediately got ourselves together to solve the problem with maintaining the optimised UI as well as continue to play without requesting the account permissions from the users.

Members of NEOWIZ PLAY STUDIO Blockchain Lab and Thomas Do of EOSeoul
Thomas Do, a senior engineer at EOSeoul, gave a lot of technical help. Specially Thanks to EOSeoul

Many people gave their input on solving this issue. I would like to appreciate Thomas Do (Senior Engineer) and Yong Kil Kwon (CEO) of EOSeoul who gave the most help, and DEXEOS members who gave many comments at the venue.

Using eosio.token transfer action event, it is now possible to play without updateauth action. (It is a complex case, we will release the technical post.)

Solution applied

We now no longer request updateauth action.

After application (Transfer action required at the first request.)
Prior to application (Updateauth action request at the first request)

Hot tip

Scatter can change the setting to stop the repetitive pop-up windows. With 2 clicks, you can play without the pop-up widows from Scatter.

Ending remarks

Thank you. Try Three Stars Slot and test our RNG. You can even play on a moblie.
(Three Stars Slot is not available in some countries.)

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Email: nblab@neowiz.com
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