Hardware Massive event guests mingle with NBT AG workshop leaders at the NBT offices in Factory Berlin.

NBT Launches Hardware Massive Berlin Chapter

Next Big Thing AG (NBT), the leading European company builder in IoT and blockchain, and Hardware Massive, the global ecosystem platform for hardware startups, launched the first collaborative chapter series for Berlin to connect the hardware-enthusiast community.

On Thursday October 18th, 2018 at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, the NBT tech team opened the doors of the new IoT Lab and NBT tech offices for workshops surrounding hardware, IoT, and blockchain. Across five workshop stations, introduced by NBT’s CTO Jasmin Skenderi, and led by his experienced team of developers and engineers, the guests – aka “hardwarians”– had the opportunity to get hands-on with IoT-hardware solutions in a setting that dived deeper into product development, compatibility, and use cases.

For those who could not attend (and those who did but seek some takeaways), we’ve compiled the highlights of the Hardware Massive x NBT: IoT-Enabled Hardware Solutions event. By sharing these insights, we hope you’ll be enticed to join our upcoming events. See ways to connect below.

Station 1: Hardware M-Gate and LoRa led by David Riding, Senior Hardware Engineer at NBT

In the workshop led by David, guests witnessed an M-Gate in action. The M-Gate is a building management gateway designed and built to industry standards with the ability to communicate over M-Bus and wireless M-Bus, PLC, Ethernet and more. Each of the gateways works 24/7, gathering data from heaters, electrical smart meters, water meters, etc. In doing so, the gateways eliminate the need for an array of technicians to travel from house to house to read the meter. In addition to M-Gate, David also presented how the LoRa communication works and showcased it on one of the applications NBT is working on.

Station 2: particle.io IoT Platform led by Niranjan Rao, Embedded Engineer at NBT

As part of Niranjan’s workshop, participants saw a live demonstration of an application of the IoT platform, particle.io. Best-suited for prototyping and series production, the Particle platform comes with an LTE module and is powered by a microcontroller — enabling connection to the Cloud within minutes.

Niranjan is busy at another station, explaining the smart incontinence pants developed by AssistMe.

Station 3: Smart Incontinence Care using IoT Solutions led by Pedro Silva, CTO of AssistMe

Pedro is part of the technical team at NBT’s healthcare venture, AssistMe. In his workshop, guests received a live demo of the smart incontinence pants developed by the team. The smart diaper, called PANNI, uses state-of-the-art conductive ink printing techniques in a low-power platform using capacitive measurement and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. In a second stage, the data collected is securely transmitted using AWS IoT solutions to a mobile application for the nursing care staff, who can then manage their time and care-giving more efficiently.

Guests networking in front of the smart incontinence pants developed by AssistMe.

Station 4: IoT Data Attestation Application led by Nickolas Butti, Lead Developer at Weeve

Nickolas (left) explaining the architecture of the weeveOS.

As lead developer of the Weeve.network, Nickolas demonstrated the weeveOS and the secure communication based on MQTTS. Weeve.network is a technology stack for IoT data providing remote proof of data integrity from an IoT device and the data it produces, through secure cryptographic testimony. Once the data is testified, it is firstly transmitted using MQTTS, a lightweight secure transportation protocol to IT-Systems (Cloud or blockchains). The second layer for Weeve provides an infrastructure for building data marketplaces where data can be commercialized.

Station 5: ‘Ship-It’: One-Click IoT device provisioning led by Martin Klauck & Parag Majumdar, Full Stack Engineers at NBT

Engineers Martin and Parag hosted a station to showcase One-Click IoT-provisioning: how to fully automate provisioning and decommissioning IoT-devices in the Cloud for minimal costs by flipping a hardware switch. By turning the switch on, the IoT device gets on-boarded in the Cloud, certificates are generated for high-secure data transmission and the IoT device application is started. When turned off, everything in the Cloud and on the devices is cleaned up. The overall (Cloud) costs for this demonstration could be optimized to 0€.

Wrapping Up

The first Berlin chapter meeting of Hardware Massive at the NBT’s offices was a major community success! Guests had the opportunity to network with each other as well as the NBT workshop leaders, while gaining insights from projects that NBT ventures are currently working on.

We look forward to fostering fruitful collaborations from this collaborative environment. Thanks to all who attended, to Hardware Massive, and to the NBT Tech team and staff.

Stay tuned

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Originally published at blog.nextbigthing.ag.