Affirmative Action: the Asian perspective

This week I want to explore affirmative action. Everyone always talks about hispanics, blacks, and whites in this conversation but I often see asians left out.

“Asian Americans are rarely children of alumni at the Ivies, for example. There aren’t as many recruited athletes coming from the Asian American applicant pool. Nor are they typically earmarked as “actual” or “potential” donors. They simply don’t have long-standing connections to these institutions.
And the fact is that Asian Americans often don’t use the “connections” they do have. In all my years in college admissions, I never received a phone call or a visit from a well-connected politician, chief executive or other leader to advocate for an Asian American student.” (where the quote is from)

I want to look at the Asian perspective in AA and see: is affirmative action unfair / unjust towards Asians? Is it working as a whole? Is it a policy worth keeping?

  1. This article goes into a study the author did on the concept of “Mismatch”, when an student attends a university he / she isn’t qualified for (mostly pumped up because of affirmative action). The author specifically looks at law schools and the people at the bottom 20% of top 5% law schools and how their careers trend vs people at the top 20% of lesser law schools.

2. Slightly unrelated but here for context: how the landscape shifts in terms of black + hispanic students without affirmative action.

3 + 4 + 5. The asian perspectives on Affirmative action

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