How Trump Used Data To Win an Election — 3/21/17


Trump used a company that also helped Brexit happen. British company that uses your Facebook data (and you gave them permission by asking them to analyze your personally) to analyze what type of voter you are: Democrat, Republican, Democrat unsure about Hillary, Republican unsure about Trump, and then target these groups with messages that would resonate with them to get them to vote for Trump.

A skeptic to the story:

Don’t believe the hype people say! But don’t believe the hype, or are you just not used to the new way of gathering data? Look below to the section about how analysis of Facebook / Social Media predicted the election much better than polling.

How did Clinton use data?:

Overview: Looks like she only used polling data and fed it into a mysterious algorithm. Polling data was wrong, so her algorithm was wrong.

How polling has worked in the past:

Overview: you go door to door and ask people who they’re voting for, or call thousands of people and ask. 10% response rate.

Facebook and Social Media data predicted the election way better than polling did:

These articles all just scratch the surface with surface level analysis, but even that low level analysis shows that Trump was in position to win the election. I want to find some more in depth and more scientific analysis done on social media + the election but I can’t find them right now.

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