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Ten Reasons to visit Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve

written by Caleb Laney

Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve is a state park located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and it doesn’t have nearly as many visitors as it should.

Photo courtesy of Kids in Parks. All rights go to their respective owners.

1. Get active, it’s summertime!

Now that school is out for the summer, there are plenty of people looking for fun ways to stay active and to get out the house. Hiking is a great way to do that. A nice bonus is that you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on your face, as there are plenty of trees to provide you shade as you spend time in the park!

2. The park is great for learning!

As it says on, Weymouth Woods is a great place for learning “where you can look at the longleaf pine forest and see how human actions have affected the environment” and see endangered species like the “the red-cockaded woodpecker, the Pine Barrens tree frog and the bog spicebush.”

Photo of the Red-Cockaed Woodpecker courtesy of All About Birds. All rights go to their respective owners.

3. If you’re not sure where to start, the rangers can guide you.

There are plenty of easy trails to start with, to get acclimated to the hiking lifestyle. For those that desire guidance, or want someone to teach them as they go, ther are park rangers willing to accompany those that are interested.

4. Ranked in the Top 25 parks in the state!

If you’re someone who’s into the numbers and comparisons, Weymouth Woods is a park that will definitely please. There are plenty of parks to choose from throughout the state, and Weymouth Woods is ranked in the top 25 parks in the state of North Carolina, according to!

Photo courtesy of VisitNC. All rights go to their respective owners.

5. It’s fun for the whole family!

As stated earlier, now that it’s summertime, people are looking for ways to get out of the house. If you and your family are coming out to the park to do just that, you won’t have to leave your four-legged friend behind! Dogs are welcome to accompany you on your trail walks. Just make sure to bring their leash!

Photo courtesy of REI. All rights go to their respective owners.

6. Weymouth Woods even has a visitor museum.

The visitor museum at Weymouth Woods has “museum-quality exhibits” which “explore the longleaf forest, its flora and fauna and its unique history,” according to!

Photo courtesy of Kids In Parks. All rights go to their respective owners.

7. It’s central location is a plus.

This nature preserve is located in central North Carolina. It’s less than an hour west of Fayetteville, just over an hour south of Raleigh, about an hour and a half southeast of Greensboro, and just under two hours east of Charlotte. No matter where in the state you’re coming from, Weymouth Woods isn’t more than a stone’s throw away!

8. Different trails with different lengths.

No matter your stamina, Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve has a trail for you! With trails ranging from 0.1 to 2.6 miles, there’s a trail for you to conquer no matter how far you’d like to walk— and they’re all well marked!

9. See history for yourself!

Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve is home to the oldest living longleaf pine, which is over 450 years old. These unique pine trees stood over 100 feet tall at one point in time. It’s a marvelous sight to lay eyes on in person!

Photo courtesy of UNC TV. All rights go to their respective owners.

10. It’s open year round!

Even if you aren’t looking to hike during the hot summer days, you still have plenty of opportunities to come out and experience all that the park has to offer! Weymouth Woods is open 364 days a year (closed on Christmas Day) from dawn to dusk, leaving you plenty of time to come and be one with nature.

Visit Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve today!

1024 Fort Bragg Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387

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