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Falls Lake State Recreation Area: Forces in Motion

Forces are acting all around you! Objects including you are being pushed and pulled in different directions. Sometimes these forces cause motion. However,
objects that are not moving also have forces acting upon them too to keep them in place.

You can learn about all kinds of forces in motion at Falls Lake State Recreation Area. Chopping wood, riding a bike, pitching a tent, canoeing — these are all great examples you can use to find out how objects (and people) move in their surroundings.

Student Resources:

Discover More (reading page) — Forces in Nature
Glossary — Forces in Nature
Discover More (reading page) — Science of Bikes
Glossary — Science of Bikes
Explore Outdoors — Forces and Motion
Falls Lake State Recreation Area Fact Sheet

Falls Lake Forces in Motion Video and student resources are correlated with the following North Carolina Standards:

5.P.1 — Understand force, motion and the relationship between them
5.P .1.3 Illustrate the motion of an object using a graph to show a change in position over a period of time.
5.P .1.1 Explain how factors such as gravity, friction, and change in mass affect the motion of objects.



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