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Amazon EKS Blueprints accelerates application modernization with modern cloud operations (CloudOps)

According to respondents to CNCF’s Annual Survey 2021, 96% of organizations are either using or evaluating Kubernetes — a record high since their surveys began in 2016. The survey also indicated that Amazon EKS is the container orchestrator of choice on AWS, used by 50.6% of respondents (while only 30.8% of respondents are DIY Kubernetes users).

Organizations are using Amazon EKS to build modern applications at scale. Modernized applications enable them to innovate faster while reducing risk, accelerating time to market, and lowering total cost of ownership.

To achieve successful application modernization at scale, organizations implement modern cloud operations (CloudOps). Modern CloudOps use code, automation, and integration to enable businesses to operate anywhere, improve application resiliency, observe and gain actionable insights, and automate governance and compliance.

nClouds uses Amazon EKS Blueprints to implement modern CloudOps. It provides a framework and methodology to build a central development platform on top of Amazon EKS with tools and best practices for securing, scaling, monitoring, and operating a containerized infrastructure.

“Amazon EKS Blueprints are the best way to avoid tooling drift and still achieve high standards of operational resilience and business agility with Kubernetes,” said Jagatveer Singh, Director of DevOps Practice at nClouds. “We’re excited to align nClouds’ modern CloudOps services with these best practices.”

Modern CloudOps with EKS by nClouds provides fast and affordable configuration, deployment, and management of Kubernetes applications aligned with Amazon EKS Blueprints. It accelerates Kubernetes deployment and time-to-market. AWS Well-Architected best practices are baked into deployments, using nClouds nCodeLibrary — pre-designed configurations that have been previously tested and optimized by nClouds. And we provide continuous AWS cost optimization with the nOps cloud management platform.

Need help building modern operations on AWS? nClouds is uniquely qualified to help you use Kubernetes aligned with Amazon EKS Blueprints. We’re here to help with all your AWS infrastructure requirements.




nClouds is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, leading MSP, and award-winning provider of AWS and DevOps consulting and implementation services. We partner with customers to build and manage modern infrastructure solutions that deliver innovation faster.

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