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NDN Link Talk 1st- AMA Recap

Thanks to NDN Link community’s constant enthusiasm for learning more about our project, we held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) this week in our Telegram group. After gaining familiarity with NDN Link’s mission and key technology strengths in our first AMA, this time our supporters raised more questions specifically about the technical development and token economics.Here’s the recap of our first AMA:

Missed out the live AMA?

No worries.

Here comes our RECAP!

Q1: Many people in our TG group know the project really well! So, we would like to ask Mark, how do you feel about the NDN token being listed on OKex soon?

Our team is looking forward to the NDN listing on OKEx Jumpstart and I think it will do great; we are doing our best to raise awareness of the project. So I hope that by the time of the listing the communities expectations will be met. We will know exactly if we are heading into the right direction. The listing on OKEx is just the beginning, Our team will make the project become popular and great. SO stay in the community, you will see the magic.

Q2: Now, the NDN Link project is using a new technology NDN, so what is NDN?

NDN Link is an innovative, content-centric, and self-organizing Internet relying on the Named Data Networking (NDN) project that was initiated by the National Science Foundation. Through the combination of open-source NDN technology, and blockchain technology, NDN Link shifts from a “Data Transmission Tube” to a “Content Distribution Platform” to build a content-centric next generation of the Internet.

Q3: What problems will NDN Link solve on the Internet?

With the exponential growth of the Internet’s content data volume, a large amount of data redundancy is caused by the original TCP / IP architecture. This has affected the efficiency of data transmission over the Internet. An algorithm for retrieval and data transmission based on the host’s address cannot adapt to changes in the upper-layer applications. NDN Link will solve four problems of the Internet under the TCP / IP architecture: low scalability, resource wasting, content distribution, and data retrieval.

Q4: Why can NDN enhance data retrieval capability in IPFS by more than 20 times?

The IPFS is a content-centric design which is similar to ICN and NDN networks.

The content in IPFS network is named by the content hash, but the retrieval performance of the IPFS system is relatively low, mainly because DHT technology adopted by IPFS has an addressing issue which is very slow under the IPFS content hash naming proposal; also the BitSwap protocol transmission efficiency is too low. When transferring large files, repeated file fragments will also be transmitted through different nodes at the same time, which will affect the speed.

ICN / NDN network uses hierarchical naming, adaptive state forwarding, SNAMP to ensure the security of the namespaces, and SIT routing to find the content of the same area of ​​the network, which perfectly solves this problem. In the laboratory environment, the speed of IPFS data retrieval can be increased by more than 20 times.

Q5:Could you explain more about NDN token distribution?

Sure, please take a look at these 2 sources, they explain the distribution really well:

If you haven’t register OKEx , here is the invitation link for trading fee discounts: https://www.okex.me/join/1913117

Part 2:Live Questions

In addition to the 5 official questions above, we also answered lots of questions raised by our community members.

  1. NDN is one of the projects of OKEx jumpstart, what are the benefits for the project for being in this association?

After this AMA, we hope you guys will have a better understanding about NDN Link. Our key strengths is our technical achievement, e.g we just mentioned above that the speed of IPFS data retrieval can be increased by more than 20 times. At the same time, listing on OKEx is our first listing partner. As we all know OKEx has a good brand awareness from which NDN Link team, NDN link supporters and investors will all benefits from in the long term. The benefit is the ability to buy an NDN token at a world-renowned exchange at a decent price of only $0.006, granted that you are eligible for the allotment session.

2. The Internet is a lucrative piece of cake, will NDN Link face competition from big players in the field of data storage such as Google, iCloud, Microsoft, OneDrive …? So what is NDN Link’s plan to compete with those competitors? Why should users choose NDN Link over them?

  • That’s a good one, hopefully, we would be able not to compete with the big players but partner with them, granted that they see the benefit in NDN. As far as we know, there are already many well-known companies, institutions and universities all over world, which participate into the research and development of NDN project.
  • First of all, as an open-source academic research project, NDN has already attracted top companies in the field of network communication, such as Huawei and Cisco.
  • Secondly, NDN Link combines NDN technology with an innovative internet network layer’s infrastructure. NDN Link provides the underlying economic incentives for the NDN network. An information-centric network and economic incentive model that is driven by NDN Link. All network nodes share data naming and content forwarding on the infrastructure. Therefore, all companies, individuals and institutions which are convinced by the business model can all participate in it.
  • We provide a brand-new and open network layer for the next generation of the Internet. All can participate in it, join as contributors. That’s the origin intention of Internet.

3. The current Internet also plans to improve through Web 3.0. How can this serve as a threat or barrier to the growth and adoption NDN Link?

Unless, there are drastic changes in the infrastructure — the upgrade won’t matter, whether it’s 3.0 or even 4.0. It’s like the current Internet moved from IPv4 to IPv6, because IPv4 ran out of IP addresses to distribute on the network to devices. But IPv6 also has a limit and guess what? sooner or later we will hit that limit again. But this is just one of the problems of the current Internet and NDN is efficiently addressing it, we won’t need IP addresses anymore, there will only be the name of the data that’s it.

So instead of solving the problem at the same level we created it we are introducing a higher solution with NDN Link.

4. If NDN Protocol tries to replace the TCP / IP Protocol, what marketing plan will be used to publicize the platform?

NDN has a strategy to avoid scams in bad producer?

It’s already replaced, and proves it’s efficiency in various networks, but there is a process of standardizing names on the network, especially global names, also a process of standardizing encryption for cryptographic keys. My point being, is that the protocol is already working, now it’s only a matter of adopting it with real products, and that will take some time taking into account the complexity of the current system.

As for the marketing plan, we are going to do our best. We tend to list on different well-known exchanges all over the world. And we will approach traditional and crypto companies for partnership. If you guys find value in NDN Link it will flourish and everyone will know about it, so your support is greatly appreciated!

5. In one of your AMAs, you said you would leave Ethereum Network later. Considering mainnet is expensive and resources consuming, why do you want to take this decision? Is there no other blockchain that can serve NDN Link?

As NDN Link is a public chain, which develops a fundamental infrastructure, we are working into our own blockchain.

For the Erc-20 token currently, it will be temporarily. After we are working on the consensus algorithm and then will have our testnet, hopefully, the mainnet will come shortly afterwards and we’ll have our native token, instead of ERC-20 based.

6. What’s the difference between NDN Link and traditional TCP/IP?

The difference is that TCP/IP needs to know the IP address of the device so it can fetch/deliver the data. NDN only needs to know the NAME of the data, it doesn’t care about location. This can be achieved because NDN uses the same namespaces as online application use. In other words, it doesn’t convert the name of the request to an IP address.

7. How to ensure that your token will not drop in price as a death spiral? What fundamentals are present for a holder?

About the price, we would like to say it is up to the market.

At present, our team members are working very hard on sharing more technical achievements. This is the most important thing for our team right now. Our main goal is trying to make our ecosystem stronger and help the blockchain development move on a small step.

If you guys are convinced by what we have shown you about the project then this should be a reinforcement of your hodl decision. Not advising you on the hodl, but pointing out that the more you support NDN Link, the more we can do and succeed at delivering it to the world.

8. So far, no Blockchain has been able to scale enough to meet the needs of 5G and IoT technologies. So in the future, will NDN Link be enough to become the first project that can expand enough to meet the needs of 5G technology?

We haven’t tested NDN in a 5G setting to bring you data and say: yes, it works better than with TCP/IP, the data I’ve been providing in previous AMAs, and in on our social media mainly addressed live streams and gaming, but since 5G internet also would use TCP/IP, we see that as an area of opportunity. If we replace that then we’ll achieve less load on the network by moving away from a decentralized server, this will result in a more stable connection. Data packets will be cached on the network, this will also result in better quality. So yes, we see potential in 5G too.

About NDN Link

NDN Link is an innovative, content-centric, and self-organizing Internet relying on the Named Data Networking (NDN) project that was initiated by the National Science Foundation. Through the combination of open-source NDN technology, and blockchain technology, NDN Link shifts from a “Data Transmission Tube” to a “Content Distribution Platform” to build a content-centric next generation of the Internet.

If you’d like to learn more about the NDN Link project, please head over to:

Website: www.ndn.link

Telegram: https://t.me/ndnlinkglobal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ndnlink

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ndnlink/

Medium: https://medium.com/ndn-link-official

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NDNLinkOfficial



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