Working Naked

Me last year with one of my mowers

For those who don’t know about a year or so ago I purchased a home that has a huge fenced in private backyard. Last year I spent a lot of time out there nude though I wish I could of spent even more time outside in my yard.

This year in 2017 I plan to get more yard work done while entirely naked because that’s just how I prefer to do my yard work as it’s the most relaxing way I know to do it.

Problem is my gf often times has kids over that are family and they likely wouldn’t want to see me nude but this year I have to find a way to work around that and still get my nude yard time in.

Replacing brakes nude

It may come down to me working nude in my shop more like I did last year when I replaced the brakes on my four wheeler while nude but I really want to get some sun so I can tan my pale white skin.

I got a friend who I may simply go hang out with a lot this summer so I can get my tan while helping him around his farm on random projects he has. Who knows but this year I intend to get more sun either way.